Out of a Dark Dungeon

Wyatt was in a dark, cold holding cell. He could hear screaming from a nearby room. Prison bars rattled. He was locked deep in a state penitentiary in a cell meant for those awaiting their death sentence. Wyatt was only 15-years-old and on a prison tour designed to scare young drug addicts straight.
It didn’t work.

Barely two weeks later, after getting busted for smoking some smuggled cigarettes in his rehab program, he attacked a drug counselor with a knife. The man went to the hospital, barely alive. Wyatt went to juvenile detention and wanted to die.


“I grew up in a dysfunctional home,” Wyatt recalls. His parents were divorced. He and his sister were on Ritalin. He was lonely at school and coped with anger and pain through TV, video games, and rock music. Soon he was drawn to the occult and dreamed of having the power to control others.

Wyatt met a Satanist who suggested he purchase a satanic bible. In it he seemed to find what he was looking for—acceptance, power, purpose, and pleasure. The philosophy of living for self was so strong, and he was soon deep into partying, drugs, and fun. “The more risky my behavior, the more exciting my life became.”

But it all had come to a screeching halt when he was arrested. After six or seven run-ins with the police, the courts had had enough, and he was sentenced to a long-term drug rehab program.

Now, after attacking the staff member, sitting alone in a new cell for his violent attack, Wyatt felt angry and afraid. He contemplated suicide. When he talked with his mom, she pleaded with him to read the Bible. “No way,” he thought. He didn’t have a heart to tell her that, so he just said, “We’ll see.”

The Frequency of Salvation
For the next few weeks he walked past a bookshelf with Bibles. One day, in frustration, he grabbed one. He actually wanted to silence the voice in his head and prove Christians wrong. But as he read, he began identifying with the characters of the Bible. After studying about King David, Wyatt fell to his knees and asked God to forgive him. He had found hope and cleansing.

With a Bible and a small radio, Wyatt continued to search for truth. One day he “stumbled” across a program called Bible Answers Live while listening to his radio. It was hard to get good reception at first, so he would stand on his metal bunk and hold his portable radio over his head against the three inch thick window just to listen to the words of life.

“I loved listening to callers phone Pastor Doug and ask the exact questions I had,” he explains. Since he could not call in himself, he would pray that his questions would be answered during the weekly Sunday night broadcasts. Many times they were, but sometimes he learned new things that he had never heard before.

“Whenever I read the word ‘Sabbath’ in the Bible, I always assumed it meant the first day of the week,” Wyatt remembers. “Through Bible Answers Live I learned how God wanted me to keep the seventh day holy.” Soon he requested the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides. They were so life-changing that he began to teach his fellow inmates the truths of Scripture! Bible Answers Live also provided clear answers about how the dead are sleeping in their graves awaiting the resurrection.

New Steps
Wyatt’s sentence was reduced for good behavior and one day, after 14 years behind walls, he walked out of the penitentiary a free man. But his freedom wasn’t just from iron bars. Amazing Facts played a key role in his experience in discovering truth about God. “I learned about Jesus and His love for me. What a Savior!” he shares.

In 2014 Wyatt attended the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) program and assisted with the Landmarks of Prophecy series in Albuquerque. He now tells others, “Go to AFCOE! It’s a life-changing program. It’s worth any sacrifice to attend.” His AFCOE training has better equipped him to serve as an evangelist with Amazing Facts.

Wyatt was once locked up as prisoner of the devil. He felt like he was the least of the least. But through Bible Answers Live and the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, he learned more fully of God’s redeeming plan to save him. Now Wyatt is leading others out of Satan’s dark dungeons and into the light of God’s love.

In January 2015, Wyatt and Jenni Allen have joined the Amazing Facts evangelism team and are available to serve your church. To make an appointment, please visit www.prophecyseminars.com.

You can read Wyatt’s full story in his book Least of the Least: From Crime to Christ, available through the Amazing Facts Bookstore!

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