Holding Nothing Back

Thomas was born into a big, loving family with a strong Christian ethic. Many in his family are deeply involved in their churches as pastors and deacons. But when he attended an Amazing Facts prophecy series, he heard truths that have radically altered his understanding of God and the Bible.

Like many other young people, when Thomas first went to college, he became distracted with partying and chasing girls. So while he believed in God and accepted Jesus’ love, after awhile his passion for spiritual things waned. But one day, he came across the Amazing Facts Daniel & Revelation: Secrets of Prophecy Revealed magazine. “It is well produced, and the cover and title grabbed my attention,” he says. He soon found out about Amazing Facts and learned that a Bible series was coming to his town.

Powerful Bible Series
A live Amazing Facts prophecy series is designed to give seekers information that will drastically change the way they think about God and His Word. Each meeting strives to build trust in the Bible, whether it means sharing the truth about hellfire and Sabbath or exploring the wonders of fulfilled Bible prophecy.

At the same time, our evangelists do much more than simply inform an audience—they each have a passion for pointing eyes to the love and sacrifice of Jesus. And it’s that passion of Amazing Facts evangelist Carlos Muñoz that made a lasting difference in Thomas. “The seminar not only refreshed my spirit and my love for the Lord, but it also opened my eyes to new truth—a more perfect plan of God’s salvation and a deeper level of faith that God wants for me.”

 “I thank Amazing Facts for all that you do!”

In fact, Thomas’ original plan was simply to attend a couple presentations, get the latest information about the end times, and then continue living as he had been. He explains, “I believed I was a good Christian who didn’t need to do much more than wait for the Lord’s return.” But, during the series, his eyes were opened to the fact that there is so much more he should be doing, including living a more holy lifestyle and sharing with friends and family.

A Life Transformed
Learning the truth about the Sabbath through Carlos’ convincing presentation was especially meaningful for Thomas. As a lifelong Christian, he never heard of the seventh-day Sabbath. But when he heard the Lord’s voice, he responded! “I began right away putting just about everything into practice. I wanted to have a closer walk with God and didn’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit by refusing or holding back."

Now, instead of giving the Lord a couple hours each Sunday, Thomas gives Him an entire day on Saturday. He rejoices, “I’m sure God is smiling down upon me, and I feel our relationship growing daily!”

Thomas is also doing more Bible study because of an awakened desire to share his new knowledge with others. He’s even avoiding unclean meats and desires to incorporate all of the good health practices he learned through the series.

With all the new light in his life, Thomas felt it was only natural for him to be baptized into God’s remnant church at the end of the series. “It was truly a wonderful experience. I had never left the Lord, but I felt as if I had been walking with blinders on for all those years. Now I walk with a clearer understanding of His plan for my life. It was my way of showing Jesus my commitment to worshiping Him in His way.”

Finally, Thomas shares, “I thank Amazing Facts for all that you do. The many resources Amazing Facts gave out were impressive and important in capturing my attention. And it was all free! And the way it is presented—the level of professionalism, effort, commitment, and sacrifices were obvious, but necessary. And without that level of detailed effort, I would not have come into this new light.”

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