Coming Full Circle - Dee's Testimony

Like so many children do in our culture, Dee grew up in a difficult home. His parents divorced when he was only four years old—and, he recalls, “I was basically unchurched for most of my life.” But through your support, Dee found new life in Jesus! As a teen, he faced the same self-esteem challenges that most do, but he didn’t realize that he was living a “horrible life,” as he explains it, using foul language and partaking in other vices. He explains, “I had a girlfriend who told me that she had to break up with me because I wasn’t a Christian. I thought, ‘That’s weird. I believe in God. Why would she say that?’ ”

In 2001, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were a personal and spiritual wakeup call for Dee’s father. A few years later, his dad found Amazing Facts on television—something that you helped make possible—and began watching the evangelistic series Most Amazing Prophecies.

Dee’s father eventually asked him to watch too. Says Dee, “When I first watched the series, I thought, ‘I’ve never heard that before about the state of the dead—or the Sabbath, or the Ten Commandments, or the rapture—But that’s what the text really says!’ The more I watched, the more helpful it became. I realized there’s so much stuff in the Bible that no one is talking about, stuff that people need to know.”

Dee felt called to find ways to share what he was learning. Once again, your loving support came to his aid. “One of the things that helped me was Amazing Facts’ websites—,, and If I needed an answer to a Bible question, there was a 95 percent chance that these sites would have something I could use. It made witnessing easier.”

As a young believer, Dee also valued his Amazing Facts Prophecy Study Bible— and he especially appreciated the Bible Study Guides in the back. He grew rapidly in his walk with God, eventually attending an evangelism training school and being baptized.

After working in ministry for about five years, Dee discovered that Pastor Doug was going to be the key speaker at a youth event where Dee would also be con-ducting a seminar. It was “kind of an amazing full-circle experience” for Dee to meet Pastor Doug—the first preacher to share with him the Bible’s full message. “To be able to do ministry with him meant the world to me,” Dee shares, “and to be able to tell him my story and thank him was a blessing.”

Today, Dee continues to grow spiritually and share Christ passionately. He is involved in sharing the last-day message as a full-time evangelist and through video ministry. He says, “God gave me a precious gift in finding Pastor Doug on television.” Thank you, friend, for changing not only Dee’s life, but so many others as well!

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