A Leap of Faith

Long-distance truck drivers will tell you that they have seen just about anything and everything out on the road. It’s difficult to surprise a trucker, but that’s what happened to Diana in 2011. She was standing on a four-lane bridge near Toledo, Ohio, helping a stranded motorist when she looked up to see a semi-truck barreling straight toward her. Diana had seconds to respond. She could stay where she was and get hit, or she could jump off the 25-foot high bridge and pray she wouldn’t land in traffic below.

Diana took a leap of faith and jumped. She felt herself falling through the air and, in answer to her quick prayer, landed on a median. When she awoke, she had to crawl over to her cell phone to call for an ambulance. At the hospital, Diane was told she had fractured her pelvis, broke ribs, fractured her neck, had a collapsed lung, and had internal bleeding. But God brought miraculous healing to Diana.

Life hasn’t always been easy for her, especially as she sought for love in all the wrong places. Diana first ran away from home at the age of eleven. Her dad drank, and her parents fought constantly. She rode her bicycle five miles to her grandparent’s where she found short-term peace in their home.

At age eighteen, Diana looked for happiness by joining the armed services. However, she found only alcohol and bad relationships there. A few years later she got married and, though she ended up with two beautiful daughters, her marriage went south. Sadly, Diana kept trying to fill a hole in her heart left by her father by going through multiple marriages. She was looking for love, but she ended up abused.

Another Leap

Later in life, Diana was working as a security officer and often read her Bible during breaks. One day, a fellow worker stopped by and asked if she believed in Christ. She replied, “I’m a sinner, saved by grace. I still have much to learn.”

Diana’s co-worker then said, “I have something for you to read.” He handed her an Amazing Facts Bible Study Guide. She had been praying for more light and shared, “My spirit rejoiced, and I knew that this was an answer to my prayer!”

Diana’s thirst for Bible knowledge grew as she studied with Amazing Facts. When she learned of the Sabbath truth, she said, “It lit a fire in me that couldn’t be contained. I came alive and was very hungry for the Word and to know my Jesus.”

Soon she was listening to Amazing Facts programs on the web. Eventually, she began attending a Sabbath-keeping church where she was baptized. Now Diana, once a fighter in the armed forces, now refers to herself as a soldier for Jesus. “I am praying that my Father will transform me into a warrior for Christ. With the help of Amazing Facts, I believe that it will happen.”

“My step has a spring to it, I smile with confidence,” she says. “I have been set free from my relationship addiction. Prayer and the Bible have become my sword, and faith has become my shield. It is a new day, and I am blessed.” 

Today, Diana is back on the road, driving and witnessing for Christ. “Amazing Facts has been my rock on this journey because I can listen to important truths as I travel down the road,” she says.  “I only return home once a month, so you are very important to my getting fed by the Word.”

She looks for opportunities every day to share her faith. One day, she offered a ride to a 21-year-old who was living on the road. The young adult, named Tyler, was struggling with depression and had recently lost three friends. Diana felt that he needed to hear Pastor Doug’s testimony. So she played it for him while they started on a 550-mile stretch. She ended up playing one sermon right after another.

When she arrived at her destination, she gave him a Bible, covered one night’s lodging in a motel, and bought him a bus ticket home. “I believe in my heart that he went away knowing Jesus a little better,” she recalls. “I thanked my Father for the opportunity to show His love and prayed that Tyler would someday be fully committed to Him.”

Diana understands what it’s like to find your way home. It’s been a long journey through pain, but by God’s grace and through Amazing Facts she has made the leap of faith into her Father’s arms.

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