Spiritual Surgery

Dan could barely breathe.

Even though he was taking in big gulps of air, it felt as though he were trying to fill up a colander with water. Lightheaded and off-balance, he also experienced increasing tightness in his chest. 

Then, all of a sudden, it was like someone was squeezing his heart, like a wet rag being wrung out. It didn’t stop. It was being wrung tighter and tighter …

Almost a Widow-Maker

Dan stared at the bright lights overhead. He was on his back in the doctor’s office. It was Labor Day, and he had just survived a massive heart attack. The doctors had told him it was nearly a “widow-maker.”

He closed his eyes and prayed, asking for more time with his family—if it was God’s will. Four stents, prostate cancer, and a stroke later, Dan was still alive and kicking. God had a plan for his life, and you played a part in that plan.

A Long Haul

Dan and his wife, Denise, were Christians. He came from a family that was actively involved in the church. His grandfather was a pastor, and so was his only son. Family was important to Dan and Denise. They believed in honoring their fathers and mothers, and following God’s commandments.

So when Denise’s parents began to need assisted care, the two picked up and moved to the next state to be there for them. When Denise’s mother passed away, they moved again, this time more than fifty miles away from their work—a business they owned together. Because of the long drive to and from their store, they began to conduct some business out of their home. They ordered the Internet, which also came with free cable television. They hadn’t owned a television in years.

One evening, as Dan was channel surfing, he stumbled upon a Christian network. On the screen was a pastor named Doug Batchelor, who was recounting his testimony. Dan kept watching; something was different. Here was a pastor who once lived in a cave and stole televisions! Fascinated, Dan watched the rest of the program, part of an outreach series, and then continued to tune in to Pastor Doug week after week.

By the end of the series, Dan was changed.

A Miracle a Day

What had inspired Dan the most after watching that first Amazing Facts series was what the Bible had to say about health. He wanted to learn more.

He sent away for the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, continued to watch the ministry’s broadcasts, and searched amazingfacts.org for more resources. He also loved watching The Seventh Day documentary he found at Amazing Facts’ sabbathtruth.com website. After a lifetime of being a Christian and reading through the Bible multiple times, Dan was shocked that he had never understood God’s seventh-day Sabbath. After accepting the Sabbath, Dan faithfully studied and accepted many other biblical doctrines he had never before known—the truth about the afterlife, hell, prophecy, and more. He soon completed all of the Study Guides.

“Amazing Facts was very instrumental in teaching me how to let the Bible be its own interpreter and the importance of studying the Bible versus just reading the Bible,” Dan says. “The thing that impressed me most was the instruction from Pastor Doug to not take one verse out of context, but to study [the Bible] in its entirety.”

And he continued to learn about the Bible’s laws of health. When he learned that “taking good care of our bodies is an act of worship,” he began to change how he lived, what he ate and drank. And when he suffered a stroke from a blocked artery shortly after surgery for prostate cancer, he rehabilitated from a wheelchair to a cane in a matter of weeks. His physical therapists were shocked. But Dan attributes his miraculous recovery to God—to prayer and a biblical diet and lifestyle he first discovered through Amazing Facts.

A mere two-and-a-half years after finding the ministry, Dan was baptized into a Sabbath-keeping church. Now he serves as a deacon and has been cancer-free for over a year. “I can say without a doubt, I am definitely a life that was changed by Amazing Facts,” he cheers. “It is my hope [that] I can bring help and encouragement to someone who may be struggling with the same issues or searching for answers as I was. And yes, I still faithfully watch Amazing Facts each week!”

Thank you for your faithful gifts to Amazing Facts. With them, you have helped to win yet another soul into the kingdom of God!

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