Transformed by Love

A Transforming "Accident"

Dan, an entrepreneur and medical training expert, does nothing halfway. He’s not only a registered nurse, but he also has three master’s degrees and helped establish the nation’s first hospital devoted to research on immunological disorders.

Although raised in a Christian home, Dan’s faith was severely tested as he cared for dying AIDS patients in the 1980s. In those days, patients typically died within a year, and Dan’s heart was wrenched with all the suffering that surrounded him.

When 33 of his patients died in just one day, Dan felt despair. His belief in an eternally burning hell left him asking, “Where is God in all of this?” As far as he knew, most of his patients died lost. How could a loving God send them to hell forever? It just didn’t make sense. 

A Stunning Discovery

One night, Dan searched for inspiration on his satellite television service. A Mormon for 26 years, he didn’t know about churches that observed the Bible Sabbath—and, to be honest, he had no interest in learning about one.

But when he “accidentally” tuned in to a Christian network, he didn’t just half-respond to the simple Bible truth and health messages that you provided. He dived in!

The first thing Dan saw was an Amazing Facts presentation about the afterlife. He was stunned to learn that the Bible’s teaching about what happens after death was in no way similar to what he’d been taught growing up. “Something about what was said rang true in my mind,” he explains.

Even though Dan found the presentation compelling, he admits, “I’m not a theologian.” Yet a simple web search brought him to Pastor Doug and Amazing Facts—and to the very programs he needed to see, programs that your generous gifts made possible!  Determined to get answers to his biggest questions, Dan contacted Amazing Facts. 

Big Questions, Bigger Answers

Soon Dan found an Amazing Facts program teaching a biblically healthy lifestyle. His relentless work schedule had taken a toll on his health. He weighed 252 pounds and took 13 medications daily. But his hope soared as the presenter shared his testimony of losing weight and being taken off medications after making simple, practical changes. It led Dan to try it out for himself.

Meanwhile, he began receiving the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, available because of your loving support, from our Bible School team—and he studied them with relish, sending back the first lesson the day he received it and completing the course quickly. At the same time, Dan sought out and visited a Sabbath-keeping congregation near his home. Praise God, he was baptized!

Dan’s mail-in Bible studies also opened the door for him to attend a lifestyle program. As a result, he says, “I got off 11 of my medicines and dropped 59 pounds. It just felt amazing not to have to take insulin anymore.”

Dan credits his personal, physical, and spiritual transformation to the Lord and to Amazing Facts—of which you are such a vital part. “I feel very appreciative to God for bringing me here, and for what I’ve learned from Amazing Facts,” he says. “I’m so blown away to see how personal God is and how He intervenes in our lives. It’s amazing.” 

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