Light in the Darkness

An Answered Cry

“I want to know You, God!”

This heartfelt cry had never before come from the lips of the young woman who felt so desperate for truth. And, through your faithful partnership with Amazing Facts, you helped to provide exactly what she needed most.

A Foreign Religion

Growing up in a Buddhist family in Japan, Kie was often taken to the temple and taught to worship her ancestors. “I had no idea there was a God in heaven who had created our ancestors,” she explains.

After her sister was baptized into a Sabbathkeeping congregation in the United States, Kie visited her sibling’s church. Although she enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and the message, it was still a foreign religion to her—but a seed was planted. God was beginning to speak to her heart.

In her upbringing, Kie had been instructed to be strictly self-reliant—to depend on her own strength to get through life’s many troubles. Yet, as she grew older, the problems she faced became more challenging. “The trials became harder and harder,” Kie explains. “Even though people appreciated my hard work, I felt useless and worthless in this world.” With no one but herself to lean on, she became discouraged and eventually fell into depression.

Faced with a bleak and meaningless future, Kie cried out to the Lord for help. “And that was the time I experienced the existence of God,” she says.

A Deeper Understanding

In the days ahead, as she prayed for deeper understanding, someone gave her a set of Storacles of Prophecy Bible lessons from Amazing Facts. Kie eagerly devoured their words, astonished by what she was learning; she was strongly impressed with the studies: “All the questions were answered only from the Bible.” By the time she received and finished the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides that you also helped provide Kie, she became deeply convicted that what she was studying was from God.

And last May, Kie was baptized into a Sabbathkeeping church!

In Japan, Kie worked long hours, sometimes struggling through exhausting 14-hour days. Yet, she says, “No matter how tired, I could not wait to pray and open the Bible to study.” She was learning so much, yet she could squeeze in only an hour or two with the Scriptures each day, which left her craving for more time to study!

When a friend told her about the Amazing Facts evangelism training school in the Philippines (PAFCOE), Kie dreamed of attending and began praying. She says, “When I had this desire, the guidance of God was so clear. He sent many people to recommend the training at PAFCOE.” 

Kie’s friends and family found her decision hard to grasp. “But,” she says, “nobody could stop me because they could see my change after knowing Jesus. I gave up my bad habits. It was easy for me because I felt the love and guidance of God.”

A Dream Realized

“The training at PAFCOE was not easy, to be honest,” Kie confesses. “But I was so happy to learn each day. I cried a lot through the training, not because I had a hard time, but because I experienced the presence and the love of God and how merciful and faithful He is to me.”

Kie believes God led her step-by-step and desires “to follow Him faithfully and reflect Him to this world where a lot of people are living in darkness. His service is the best work I have experienced in my life!”

Thank you for making it possible to reach searching souls like Kie across the Pacific Ocean!

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