Reclaimed by God’s Amazing Grace!

If you don’t believe God allows a U-turn on life’s road, take a moment to learn about Raul. It’ll change your mind!

Raul had nowhere to run. He was worse than dead. It wasn’t merely the debt, the drugs, the womanizing, or the partying—it was himself that he hated most. It was who he had become. Yet something deep inside, something he had thought was locked up and thrown away long ago, called to him.

And he lifted his head and prayed.

The Wild Life

Raul grew up a pastor’s son. His parents loved their church, and most of their time was spent there. And he, as a pastor’s son, felt he had expectations to live up to; there was a certain way he had to talk and behave.

But inside, he seethed. He wanted none of it. Religion went cold for him; it seemed rigid; he wanted out. After high school, he got his wish.

University was different: There were so many people from different backgrounds and faiths. Some even had no faith. To his amazement, these were some of the nicest people he’d ever met. It confused him. How could God judge these people so harshly?

Well, that was it for Raul. He became an atheist, and for the next 18 years, he did not see the inside of a church and barely talked to his parents. He began to drink; soon he used and even sold drugs; he also racked up massive debts.

After a narrow escape from the law when cops raided his home, however, the pastor’s kid had enough—no more running, no more rebellion. He prayed for God’s help, and God miraculously delivered him.


Two and a half years later, Raul had returned to the faith of his childhood. He reconciled with his parents and learned that in all those years of running from God, they had fervently prayed for him. He went on to get married and even had his father officiate at the wedding.

It was only then that he discovered the ministry of Amazing Facts through a prophecy seminar held at his church. The beliefs that Amazing Facts espoused were taken straight from the Bible. He saw all the evidence he needed that God was not a deceptive dictator; He was a loving Savior, a righteous King.

He poured over, drinking in Pastor Doug’s sermons, Sabbath School lessons, last-day documentaries, and even the weekly blog posts. All that free, “common-sense” knowledge filled his yearning soul, like a dry tree being watered. 

Raul was discovering a deeper love for God, building a stronghold for his faith, and most of all, he was not doing it because of his parents or his culture, but because he wanted to. “Amazing Facts,” he says, “has been a guiding beacon in my Christian life.”

The resources Raul found from Amazing Facts present the everlasting gospel in clear, compelling terms. They touch hearts. The messages are made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But this outreach isn’t free to create. That’s why we’re grateful for God’s provision through generous people such as you, whose support makes it possible to have this global outreach on radio, television, the Internet, and through printed literature.

We want to do even more—we need to do more in these closing years of Earth’s history. Won’t you now support this ministry and reach even more people like Raul? Thank you for caring!

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