The Search for Truth

Darin lay flat on the bathroom floor, not from any physical ailment or inebriation, but because that’s where he wanted to be. In the depths of his soul, he had nothing to offer but his own humiliation.

In desperation, he cried out to God.

Search and Destroy

Darin was a family man who was also determined to follow the Word of God—and you helped him to do it.

Raised as a Christian by his mother and grandparents, Darin was used to being active in church. As a young man, he enrolled in the army. He also got married and had two children. But while stationed in Germany, he began to question certain beliefs in the sermons he was hearing: speaking in tongues, the afterlife, even the day they went to church.

“I was just searching for answers, and no one would help me find them,” Darin reveals. But it was only when he was stationed as an army recruiter in South Carolina that he began to take those questions more seriously. He began to pray intentionally for God’s wisdom. It was then that those discrepancies between the Bible and his church’s teachings became even more glaring.

When he told his wife, she didn’t like it. She accused him of “stealing her joy.” Darin loved his family, and he certainly did not want to pain them. But these questions about his faith were deep within; it was fire in his bones; it was conviction. He could not let it go.

One day, his prayers were answered by a radio program he had discovered while driving to work. Listeners would call in to the program with religious questions—often the very same questions he had—and the hosts would answer them with verses from the Bible. The program was Bible Answers Live.

It all began to make sense—tongues, the state of the dead, the Sabbath, and more. And it was the Word of God itself that was able to provide all he had been seeking.

It was not long until Darin began to think of Bible Answers Live as his church. He discovered more programs by Amazing Facts and began ordering materials from the ministry. “I watched any and everything that was produced by Amazing Facts,” Darin says.

But at the same time that he was putting the puzzle together spiritually, Darin’s family was splitting apart. He attempted time and again to introduce his wife to Bible Answers Live, but she was less than interested. He still took his family to church every Sunday, but while the congregation prayed in tongues, he would silently pray for truth.

An Unlikely Sign

Then one Saturday, at the home of a couple from church, his wife called him out. “Darin, why don’t you tell them what you have been studying,” she said.

It caught him completely off guard. But he did as she asked, bringing up each truth that he had learned through Amazing Facts and from studying the Bible. Every point tore a hole through the doctrines of their church. In response, he was dismissed as falling for the delusions of a cult.

“Let’s just get the Bible and find out for ourselves,” he said.

But then he overheard his wife whispering, “He is driving me crazy with this stuff.”

That shut him down, and he silently began to doubt all that he had recently learned. Back at home, alone in the bathroom, he sank to the floor and prayed. He asked God for a sign that he was on the right path.

The next morning, Darin and his wife were sitting in the back of the sanctuary when the pastor called them both to come forward. As they stood before the altar, the pastor declared in front of everyone, “Darin, the Holy Spirit told me to tell you that what you are studying is right.”

His wife stared at him blankly. They were both in shock. That was their last Sunday in church. Later that day, Darin found out that while he had been praying the night before, his wife had also been praying the same thing.

Darin is now the head deacon at a Sabbath-keeping church and remains a faithful supporter of Amazing Facts. As for his wife and children, they are all Sabbath-keepers too! Darin continues to live by God’s Word, taking the advice that he once heard Pastor Doug give: “Keep praying and seeking God, and you will find Him.”

Thank you for your generous support in leading seekers like Darin to the way everlasting. You helped fulfill for him this Bible promise: “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13).

Amazing Facts has been used by God to change countless lives for 55 years. What began as a small regional radio program has now spread across the globe. Bible Answers Live is carried on more than 200 radio stations around North America, including SiriusXM satellite radio, leading more than 372,000 each year to discover solid Bible truth. Now many more millions like Darin need to discover answers to their pressing Bible questions.

Will you help? Thank you!

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