God Uses Amazing Facts App to Bring Healing and Baptism

Diane struggled throughout her childhood and teen years to understand God. While her Catholic faith and schooling made her keenly aware of the Ten Commandments, it also told her that she would suffer the punishments of hell eternally if she told a lie or stole.

She also diligently obeyed the teachings of confessing to a priest, saying the rosary, and praying to Mary. But Diane was left confused about why these practices didn’t match up with what she read in the first two commandments.

However, her biggest struggle and confusion as a child came from the secrets shamefully hidden behind closed doors. Diane was often told that she wasn’t going to amount to anything. She remembers well the abuse and betrayal she felt at the hands of her parents. “If my parents were Christian, why were they doing these things? I had every reason to question whether God even existed,” she says.

Eager to escape, she left home at just 16 years old. She got a job and spent her free time drinking with the wrong kinds of people. Sadly, the freedom she thought she’d found by leaving home soon proved a mirage; she began a relationship with a man who beat her. She learned to wear sunglasses to hide her bruised eyes and remained in this devastating cycle because of the children they shared.

Random Research Leads to Amazing Facts Website

Throughout these painful years, Diane sometimes called out to God. She remembered the teachings ingrained since childhood and would wonder about the Ten Commandments. She tried to read the Bible occasionally but found it too hard to understand most of the time.

Eventually, Diane graduated from nursing school, left her abusive relationship, and moved to another town with her children. She also felt drawn to church. But returning to her Catholic roots only reminded her of the same questions from her childhood, the questions that left her in doubt. Diane began researching online. She decided to explore different churches and their beliefs so that she could find a spiritual home.

That’s when she discovered amazingfacts.org.

“I Couldn’t Get Enough!”

Diane began listening to one of the sermons, expecting to feel the same sense of boredom and futility she experienced at Mass. “My initial thought was that I would listen for a few minutes,” she says. But when she next noticed the time, almost an hour had passed. At that moment, Diane knew she wanted to hear more. “I was hooked and couldn’t get enough!”

Because of the resources made available by the generosity of friends like you, Diane fed her longing for a true knowledge of God. She downloaded the Amazing Facts app and began listening to Pastor Doug’s sermons and prophecy seminars.

She says, “I was able to follow along in the Bible with the teachings from Pastor Doug. The Amazing Facts Study Guides helped me tremendously. I was able to locate the teachings directly in the Bible verses they provided. I had so many questions, including who the bride and the beast of Revelation were. The messages really educated me.”

Diane also felt convicted by the Bible lesson regarding the Sabbath. “I knew I needed to find a church like this,” she says. When she walked into a local Sabbath-keeping church, she found a new spiritual family who lovingly welcomed her. After attending and studying for six months, she was baptized!

Truly Reborn

Today, Diane sings in the church choir and loves to bring her extra garden produce to share with those in need. “I am truly reborn!” she rejoices. “I now understand the Sabbath truth and how to keep it. What would have happened to me if there was nobody to share this information?”

Diane’s walk with God is impacted every day by the many resources of Amazing Facts. “My life today is one where I eat, sleep, and breathe in God’s Word,” she says. “I cannot get enough of the books, sermons, and DVDs from Amazing Facts.”

Diane now trusts God with her painful history and knows He is healing and restoring her through kind souls like you. “It’s a great comfort to me to listen to your programs. Thank you for all you do to get the word out!”

Amazing Facts has been used by God to change countless lives like Diane’s for the past 55 years. Through our websites, millions are finding God’s last-day message, and thousands are using the Amazing Facts app to learn Bible truth. But so many more hurting people like Diane are sitting down in front of a computer, praying, and waiting for answers.

Will you help? Thank you!

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