Triggered by Depression, Revived by the Word!

“My soul clings to the dust; revive me according to Your word.” —Psalm 119:25

A New Beginning

A preacher once said, “God has no grandchildren,” by which he meant that just because one’s parents are Christian, it does not follow that their child will automatically stay in the faith. Leroy knows this all too well. Though he was a third-generation Sabbath-keeper, he fell away from the faith in his teenage years after seeing the personal failings of some of his youth leaders.

And as happens to many who run away from the Lord, Leroy soon discovered that a life without Jesus was not a kind one. 

“I became an alcoholic and started smoking,” he recalls. Though he did finally quit drinking and smoking, Leroy was still very much addicted. “I was a workaholic, sometimes working three jobs at a time,” he says. A neck injury resulted in surgery and disability, so Leroy had to stop working. “I became extremely depressed and at times blamed God for what happened to me.” He even compared himself to Job, whose family and fortune were brought to ruin by Satan’s attacks.

Leroy says, “I hit rock-bottom.” He even tried to end his own life. Finally, confined to eight days in a mental-health facility, he asked for a pastor to visit. A Sabbath-keeper answered his call. “God entered my life at that point,” Leroy says. “With the pastor’s help, I started studying the Bible again. I decided I wanted to live and get better.”

Transforming Events

A key turning point was studying the Amazing Facts Study Guides and watching the Landmarks of Prophecy series presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor. “Landmarks really opened my eyes and helped me to remember why we need to turn our eyes to God,” he explains. Leroy made a commitment to be re-baptized, dedicating his life to God and spreading His Word.

“Pastor Doug’s straightforward presentations also made an impression on me,” Leroy says. “He was honest; he read all the facts from the Bible. There were no opinions given—just facts.”

Eventually, Leroy was re-baptized. Not only is Leroy now reconnected to God’s family, but he also has a new lifestyle. “I am now eating healthier now. I have a loving wife, and she has been right by my side through this whole ordeal. My son is my right hand.”

A man who once had problems at home and attempted to take his own life now has a higher calling. “I have dedicated my life to God. I spread His Word every chance I get,” Leroy says. “Because of Amazing Facts, I feel comfortable talking to others about the Bible.”

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