Suicide, Hope, and Purpose

“What strength do I have, that I should hope? And what is my end, that I should prolong my life?” —Job 6:11

Back from the Edge

On the day Michelle decided to end her life, she felt she’d reached the end of a tiring and difficult journey. She’d tried hard to find another outcome, but now all her options were gone. All of her second chances had failed.

Michelle thought about her parents. She’d never been close to her mother, but her father had been her beloved best friend. When he ended his life years before, she was devastated. Since then, her life spiraled, slowly collapsing under the weight of grief, anger, and self-condemnation.

She had fallen into a deeper depression and now felt even worse because there had been a few times when she’d actually dared to hope. Twice she’d been given extraordinary help to get back on her feet. Each time, she found great jobs, paid off her debts, and thought she might be finally digging herself out of the dark hole of her life.

But now, once again, Michelle’s work hours were being cut back. She was reeling. She was tired of pretending to be happy, tired of working so hard to just end up scraping by. She felt this final blow was a sign that, no matter what she did, her time was done. Nothing would get better. This time, she determined to follow through on the decision to end her life.

One of her final steps as she prepared to say her goodbyes would be to contact her mother. They hadn’t spoken in years, but Michelle decided to reach out to her one more time.

A Surprise Message

When Michelle signed on to her computer, she noticed an unusual message from someone she didn’t recognize. He was asking if she used to work at a certain business.

She sent a brief response that she had indeed worked there many years ago, but after sending the email, she didn’t think any more of it. Her focus was on contacting her mom and making her final plans. The next day, when she checked back to see if her mom had responded, she discovered a reply from the unknown person reminding her of their interaction years prior.

Michelle answered, and they began to exchange messages. Eventually, she found herself sharing some of her struggles. That’s when her new friend suggested she check out a resource called Amazing Facts and their message about God.

Michelle was reluctant. For one thing, she’d previously tried to read the Bible with no success in understanding it. For another, she felt that Christians would automatically condemn her beloved father for taking his own life—and condemn her for contemplating doing the same.

But one day, still battling her ongoing desperation, Michelle tuned in to Bible Answers Live, Amazing Facts’ call-in radio program. Listening to Pastor Doug Batchelor answer each question with kindness and Bible truth caused something to shift inside her heart.

Her friend then showed her the Cosmic Conflict DVD, and Michelle suddenly felt like a light switched on for her. “I felt renewed and wanted to know more. My friend began showing me sermons by Pastor Doug.” Michelle longed to learn about Christ and to really know Him.

She began exploring a variety of Amazing Facts resources made possible by the faithful support of donors. Because of your gifts, Michelle heard message after message filled with life-giving words. She began to believe, for the first time ever, that she could be forgiven by God.

Today, she shares that her major heart conversion occurred when she heard Pastor Doug talk about suicide. “Pastor Doug mentioned how we do not truly know what is in a person’s heart prior to committing suicide. This was huge for me. I also loved that he remained truthful in what the Bible says. And I also learned that God is so merciful. I no longer fear an eternal hell for my father. I feel only hope, repentance, and love each day.”

Honoring Leads to Healing

As the weeks and months passed, Michelle’s special online friendship with the guy from her past turned into time together in person. They grew to love each other, and today they are married and parents to a beautiful daughter.

Michelle looks back on many milestones of healing as she listens to Pastor Doug’s messages. A particular revelation came when she heard his message about the Ten Commandments. “Before my conversion, I had almost no relationship with my mother due to things that I could not let go. After hearing Pastor Doug talk about honoring our parents, I felt the need to change my attitude. I completely let go of any negative past incidents, and now I can say we are closer than we have ever been! I have so much more respect and love for her. My husband and I introduced her to Amazing Facts, and now she watches and listens too!”

Thankful for Undeserved Blessings

Michelle marvels at the enormous changes in her life. She is especially grateful for the ministry of Amazing Facts made possible by our donors. “Thank you for your continued support and love that you give to the world. I wake up each day thanking God for undeserved blessings. If I had never come across Amazing Facts, I feel I wouldn’t know Christ at all and wouldn’t even be here today. I feel so blessed to know that I am loved and, no matter what trial I may go through, I can always rely on Christ to get me through it.”

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