Rescued to Rescue Others

Sunset blazed across the sky as Tony waited for a final set of waves. He straddled his surfboard, alone in the stillness, yet peace eluded him.

Tony knew that he wasn’t ready for eternity. He’d grown up in a Sabbath-keeping church but had drifted away from God. Now a successful commercial pilot, he loved his partying lifestyle. 

Tony’s parents divorced when he was ten, and, as a teen, he began to use alcohol and struggled with severe depression. “It was the kind of depression where you’re in agony for hours,” Tony explains. “I decided the best way to handle it would be to commit suicide.”

Miraculously, his attempt failed. Yet, as an adult, he continued to numb his pain with addictions, feeding a vicious, painful cycle from which he saw no escape.

Now, Tony tried to push away thoughts of eternity as he caught a wave to shore, but God was nearer than he realized. “God chose to rescue me even before I decided I wanted to be rescued.”

A New Start

Things changed after Tony met Darah; she had recently become a Christian and invited him to attend church. To his surprise, he enjoyed it.

When someone gave him the Amazing Facts Foundations of Prophecy DVD, Tony realized for the first time how much Jesus loves him. “I couldn’t stop watching those videos,” he shares. “Pastor Doug’s presentations were so clear and so easy to understand. They helped me decide to follow Jesus completely.”

Darah also accepted the full truths of the Bible, and the two were married and baptized!


Called to Service 

Eventually, Tony and his family worked with a church plant on a Navajo reservation. “We shared Amazing Facts resources at health fairs and flea markets and had an Amazing Facts evangelist present a Bible prophecy series,” he says. Deeply interested in rescuing souls, they also participated in aviation mission trips.

In time, Tony attended the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE). He feels deeply blessed by what he learned. “It’s a tremendously useful program, so practical in the nuts and bolts of leading people to Jesus,” he says. “I look forward to sharing Jesus more effectively in the future.”

Thank you, friend! By sharing Christ’s transforming love and solid Bible truth through Amazing Facts, you’ve helped rescue Tony and so many others—and enabled them to become effective workers for Him!

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