The Long Journey Home

As Sandi walked out the church doors, bitter thoughts churned in her mind. “How could they treat me this way? Don’t they understand what I’ve been through?” As the church grew smaller in her rearview mirror, Sandi sighed. “At least I won’t be burdened by Sabbath-keeping again.”

It would take 16 years, a debate, and a pandemic before Sandi had a change of heart, and your gifts to Amazing Facts helped make it possible.

Sandi grew up in a home afflicted by abuse and instability. Her mother worked long hours, leaving Sandi at home with her alcoholic stepfather. She experienced abuse of all kinds—emotional, physical, and sexual. At school, she was frequently bullied.

As a teen, she became connected with a Sabbath-keeping congregation and began attending their school. Though she tried to adapt to her new environment, she felt like an outsider. Life seemed broken, and none of the pieces fit back together.

Then, as an adult, Sandi was disfellowshipped from her church following a divorce. It was the last straw. The Sabbath was the last thing she wanted to believe in.

But God had not let go of Sandi. He had a plan, and you cooperated with Him through your generosity and support!

A Crumbling Wall

Nearly a decade passed. Eventually, Sandi started attending church again—but this time, she decided to attend a Sunday-keeping church. The hurts from her past were like a brick wall, preventing her from moving forward in her relationship with God.

One church offered a program in healing from abuse, and Sandi started to attend. As she worked through the difficult memories of her past, God began a healing work in her heart. Bit by bit, the wall began to crumble.

Sandi began to read the Gospel of John. While she’d always known about Jesus and the plan of salvation, she’d never made a genuine decision to follow Him. But as the words of John landed in her heart, she met the real Jesus for the first time. When she finished John, she turned to Matthew, and then she read through the rest of the New Testament. After that, she read the Old Testament.

Faith Online

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Sandi’s health issues made it impossible for her to continue attending church. Alone at home, she felt isolated, but she knew she couldn’t allow her newly flourishing faith to languish. So she turned online for fellowship—and your support of Amazing Facts helped her find something new.

As Sandi searched for spiritual resources, she found Amazing Facts’ YouTube channel. Many years before, she had read Pastor Doug Batchelor’s testimony, The Richest Caveman. His spiritual journey had made a lasting impression. Despite her negative experiences with the Sabbath and her previous church, her respect for Pastor Doug remained. She began watching the Revelation Now prophecy seminar. Before long, she’d found the Amazing Facts apps for her iPhone and Apple TV. As she watched, she compared everything she heard to what her Bible said.

God had led Sandi to a crossroad. Would she stand on Bible truth alone or go with popular belief? Her diligent Bible reading and continued growth in her relationship with Jesus gave her confidence; there was only one path she could choose now. Sandi gave up listening to her old favorite preachers—all she wanted was plain Bible truth. 

Ministry in Mind

Today, Sandi has a heart for ministry. Knowing personally the pain of abuse, she hopes one day to work in a program where she can help others know the love and joy of Jesus. “I have found such peace and hope since this part of the journey started,” Sandi shares. “The Amazing Facts ministry programs have been so helpful and strengthening.”

Thank you for your ministry to Sandi—and many others like her!

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