Finding True Riches

When Elijah typed “get rich quick” into his phone’s search bar, an endless train of mindless results filled the screen. He sighed. For years, he’d spent every spare minute researching ways to build wealth and have it all. 

“I’m tired of this,” he realized.

A new thought entered his mind: “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). Elijah bowed his head and said, “Lord, if you want me to be rich, that’s up to you. I will dedicate my time to seeking You.”

That simple decision began an exciting journey for Elijah and his family. And thanks to your support, Amazing Facts would play a vital role in helping him store up riches in heaven.

A Divided Heart

Elijah grew up in a Sabbath-keeping home and went to a Christian school, but when he was six, his parents divorced. The family stopped attending church. Still, even as a child, Elijah had a heart for God. When he learned about giving tithe, he brought a tenth of his birthday money to his teacher. “Will you take this to church for me?” Elijah asked. His teacher agreed. “It’s beautiful to feel the pull of God on your heart,” Elijah says.

As a teen, Elijah attended public schools. When he earned his driver’s permit, he began attending church. But he also spent many Sabbaths at ballgames and team practice. “I wanted to live my life before fully committing to God,” Elijah shares.

At church, Elijah noticed a beautiful young lady in the congregation, and they soon began dating. 

“My Life Is Over!”

After Elijah graduated from high school, he started university out of state. He wanted to escape his small town and become a financial success. As a pre-med major, his schedule was intense—his relationship with God waned dramatically. 

Before the end of his first semester, his girlfriend called with life-changing news: “I’m pregnant.”

“It felt as though everything ended for me,” Elijah says. He knew he couldn’t abandon his girlfriend and new daughter, so he withdrew from school and found a job back home.

But even when it seemed his dreams had collapsed, God had a plan. Elijah began studying the Bible with his girlfriend. Their pastor encouraged them to marry, and soon after the wedding, the two were baptized.

A Distracted Christian

As their family grew, they struggled financially. Living with his in-laws out of necessity, Elijah hopped from job to job—always trying to improve their situation. He wanted to support his family, but he also wanted an easy life. When he wasn’t working, he spent every minute researching how to become wealthy. “I was distracted by the pursuit of worldly success,” Elijah says.

Then God blessed Elijah with the best job he’d ever had. A few weeks in, Elijah felt impressed to commit to studying the Bible regularly. Soon, Elijah committed his financial future to God and purposed to seek God’s kingdom. He turned to Amazing Facts for resources, reading pocket books whenever he could and listening to sermons as he worked. “Pastor Doug played a crucial role in my Christian experience and maturity,” he writes.

As Elijah drew closer to God, his joy grew. His pastor increased his responsibilities at church, and Elijah began planning for a future in full-time ministry.

Family Tension

But as Elijah’s commitment deepened, his wife resisted. They had finally saved enough money for a down payment on a home. How could Elijah quit his job when they were so close to moving out of his in-laws’ home? Tension grew as they struggled over the decision.

“Lord, if you want me in full-time ministry, change my wife’s heart,” Elijah prayed. “But if you want me to buy a house and minister to my family first, then I will.”

One Friday night, Elijah went to bed early, but his wife stayed up crying and praying. In the middle of the night, she woke Elijah. “I don’t know where God is leading us, but I’m willing to listen,” she said. 

Together, they prayed, “Lord, we want to follow you. If you want us in ministry, please give us an obvious sign.”

The following morning, Elijah was scheduled to preach. “It wasn’t a remarkable sermon,” Elijah shares. Nevertheless, person after person encouraged them to enter full-time ministry. “It was a miraculous answer to prayer. My wife’s uncertainty and anxiety gave way to trust and love,” Elijah shares.

Today, Elijah serves as an evangelist for Amazing Facts after having graduated from the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He shares, “My story would have been very different if it weren’t for Amazing Facts.” 

Thank you for your prayers and support for Amazing Facts! Like Elijah, you are storing up treasure in heaven.

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