Engulfed in loneliness, Angela sank into the couch. “Maybe something on TV will distract me,” she thought. She clicked the remote again and again—a sitcom, a reality show, a Hungarian voice, the news … wait! Angela quickly switched back a channel. 

She’d never heard her native language, Hungarian, on American television before! It was a report about Christians handing out audio Bibles to the blind in Hungary. The familiar language soothed her.

As that program ended, Pastor Doug Batchelor began speaking—and as Angela watched, conviction soon struck her heart. Through your loving gifts for Amazing Facts programming, the Holy Spirit broke through to Angela!


Off Track

Angela was in elementary school when her family moved from Hungary to the United States. They settled near a Sabbath-keeping church, and Angela and her brother attended services. “I met my second mom at that church,” Angela writes. “She became a mentor in my young spiritual journey.” 

At age 10, Angela was baptized after the church hosted an Amazing Facts Revelation seminar. “That series gave me knowledge and a foundation,” she shares. When she was 14, her family moved again and she lost track of her second mom—and her faith.

But God didn’t lose track of Angela.

Over time, her brother would occasionally share Amazing Facts sermons from YouTube. “I watched politely,” she recalls, “but I didn’t get too deep.”

Yet when the pandemic exploded, Angela remembered her faith. On a lonely afternoon, when she was finally ready to listen, God led her to Amazing Facts. As Pastor Doug preached, she was convicted. “I felt like God was speaking to me directly,” she writes. Filled with gratitude, she experienced a reunion with her Savior.

Together at Last

As Angela’s faith grew, she prayed for Christian fellowship and a reconnection with her second mother. Soon, after watching Amazing Facts’ A New Heart revival series with her daughter, Angela saw It Is Written’s Hope Awakens, an evangelistic series recommended by Pastor Doug.

Amazingly, as a result of the series, Angela’s prayer to reconnect with her old mentor was answered. “We are closer than ever,” Angela writes, “and Amazing Facts helped make it possible. I have a sense of peace I never knew before. Without Pastor Doug’s revival series, I wouldn’t have found fellowship and my second mom.”

Thank you for helping Angela and so many others gain the most important union—or reunion—in the universe, the one that leads to eternal life!

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