Valuable in God’s Eyes

An Amazing Fact: A rare painting of Jesus was almost thrown into the trash by a French woman. It had been hanging above her stove for years. She didn’t even remember how she acquired the art, but her adult children encouraged her to have it appraised first—and experts identified it as a rare Cimabue painting created around 1280. It was eventually purchased by the Louvre Museum for $26 million.



Laura never felt good enough. No matter how hard she tried, she never felt smart enough, worthy enough, or pretty enough. But that changed when you introduced her to Jesus through Amazing Facts TV.


The world is full of broken people like Laura, wounded souls who often feel like they have no value and could simply be tossed in the trash.


But Jesus never treated anyone as worthless. Even when His own disciples thought He was wasting time talking with a Samaritan woman, Jesus felt otherwise. Every human being is precious in the eyes of our Creator and Savior.


How can we share such extravagant love with those who feel like Laura? If we would follow Jesus’ commission to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), shouldn’t we use every means possible to reach them?


Television is a prime pathway for sharing God’s love. Consider that more than 5.4 billion people worldwide have a TV in their homes. And the average American still spends 2.5 hours a day watching television. If we want to find people where they are, as Jesus did, then we need to put God’s last-day messages before them on TV.


But can the picture and sound from a TV truly communicate the gospel and help people know their great worth in the eyes of the Lord? Without a doubt! Just ask Laura …


A Mixed-up Childhood

Laura’s young life was split between the Baptist Church and the Church of England. But deeper than her religious confusion were hurtful messages. She was told she wasn’t good enough or smart enough to amount to much. Even her mother told her that she’d never survive on her own.


Like that French woman and her painting of Jesus, which happened to be titled “Christ Mocked,” Laura didn’t know that she was worth so much.


How hurting hearts like hers need Jesus! They need to hear their heavenly Father tell them, “You [are] precious in My sight … and I have loved you” (Isaiah 43:4).


So, would you join me in uplifting Christ’s love to our world through Christian TV? Your kind gift this month will reveal the truth about how much God cares for each person, no matter their background.


TV Transforms

Sadly, the negative messages impacted Laura’s decisions as an adult, leading her into a series of broken marriages. Men used her. One told her, “You’re not worth the effort,” and left her.


After so many damaging experiences, Laura didn’t trust anyone. She shares, “I was envious of those who had successful relationships.” She wished she could get “lucky,” but deep inside, she didn’t feel worthy of being treated with love and respect.


That’s part of Satan’s strategy to discourage people. His lies make us feel worthless. Fortunately, you brought a word of healing truth that changed Laura’s life for eternity.


A few years ago, Laura “stumbled upon” a series of Amazing Facts programs on ION TV, which your gifts made possible. “The programs looked interesting,” she explains, “so I started watching.” She quickly added AFTV to the list of her favorite TV channels. Then, after listening to my testimony, she was inspired to contact a local Sabbath-keeping church.


Don’t you see how your loving gifts for TV evangelism led Laura onto the only pathway of truth and healing? And after hearing me share the story of the woman at the well, she concluded, “If Jesus can love and help her, He can do the same for me.”


A VAST Opportunity!

With stories like Laura’s in mind, I want you to know about TWO GIANT NEW OPPORTUNITIES we have to share God’s precious love with millions more broken hearts.


The first is the VAST satellite, a Christian network that covers all of Australia. Much of that country can’t be reached through traditional television, but the VAST satellite can spread truth to an additional million people outside the cities—it is also the only programming allowed in Australian prisons.


What’s more, broadcasting on VAST wouldn’t be limited to merely an hour a week. AFTV would have its own 24/7 channel, continuously sharing last-day messages day and night!


VAST told us there are only two openings left on their network. Plus, they were willing to lower their fees and give Amazing Facts a monthly rate of only $6,790—that’s just 3 cents per viewer! In faith, we jumped on this opportunity believing that fellow laborers like you would want to share Bible truth with people looking for meaning in life, just like Laura did after seeing our program.


And Africa TOO!

Equally exciting is an offer to broadcast on the Intelsat 20 network, which serves 40 MILLION households across six African countries. And again, Amazing Facts would have its own channel, meaning you can make the three angels’ messages pour down from the heavens 24/7 to more than half of Africa, all for around $11,000 per month—that’s less than 1 cent per viewer! It’s another huge opportunity that we grabbed in faith believing that God was opening a door for us to seek and save the lost.


Will you help offer life-changing truth to our hurting world? Your compassionate gift of $25 this month will broadcast last-day truth to more than 83,000 people in Africa. A generous gift of $100 will help over 2,900 souls find the truth of God’s amazing grace in Australia. Whatever size gift God inspires you to give, it will make an eternal difference in people’s lives through the wide variety of Amazing Facts evangelism work.


Laura has been baptized into God’s remnant church. She says that with God in her life, her past no longer defines her. Will you join me in helping even more hurting hearts know how precious they are to the Lord? As you can see, your generosity will bring true peace!


Knowing the true value of a soul,


Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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