Answers at the Speed of Light

An Amazing Fact: Google processes about 99,000 search queries every second—that’s 8.5 billion searches per day. The Google search engine can sort through hundreds of millions of web pages in a fraction of a second, offering seekers (mostly) relevant results in the blink of an eye.


Eric was deeply puzzled. His study group couldn’t agree on what the Scriptures actually teach about the Sabbath. How could he know the truth for certain? Where could he go to for reliable help?

Billions of people like Eric search the internet every day for spiritual information. You can give them life-changing answers at the speed of light when you get involved with Amazing Facts’ evangelism work. That’s what you did for Eric—and 2.8 million others this year—who found essential Bible truth at the Amazing Facts website! 


But you also know as much as I do that Satan is using fast-moving media to spread his lies about God. The internet has made it possible for anyone to create a podcast or YouTube channel to roll out fake spiritual news. You and I must counteract these deceptions by sharing God’s truth in equal measure and intensity!


Just as Eric did, millions are now crying out for help, saying, “Do not hide Your face from me in the day of my trouble; incline Your ear to me; in the day that I call, answer me speedily” (Psalm 102:2). Will you co-labor with Amazing Facts to promptly share God’s lifesaving messages with those desperately looking for truth in 2024?


Let me share how you brought life-changing solutions to Eric at the speed of light …


“I want to be baptized.”

As a teen, Eric was serious about having fun. He dove headfirst into playing video games professionally, even placing third in a worldwide competition.


At 20, Eric left home to start a business. When it failed, he experienced homelessness during a bitter winter. He soon returned to his parents’ home, still looking to fill the void in his life. One night, he picked up a Bible. The red-colored words of Christ in Matthew 5 caught his eye—and he was hooked.


Eric began studying the Bible with friends, but they often didn’t agree on what it said—particularly about the Sabbath. Eric googled his questions—and, at the speed of light, he discovered truth-filled answers at the Amazing Facts website, where he watched sermons and ordered our Bible lessons.


One Sabbath, Eric walked into a local church. “I want to be baptized,” he told the first person he met. He began Bible studies with the pastor, and soon, Eric was baptized!


But Satan wasn’t done …


A New Faith Tested

God gave Eric a new beginning, and the young man was hired at a bank. He was elated! But quickly, the bank began requiring him to work two Sabbaths each month. Eric asked for a religious exception, but the request was denied. He appealed—but was denied again.


So, twice a month, Eric worked on Sabbath. Initially, he felt awful. As time went by, however, his conviction faded.


One weekend, a few friends came to visit. While two friends sat in his living room, Eric played video games with a third friend in another room. When Eric emerged, he found his two friends in tears. Holding his Amazing Facts Study Guides, they asked Eric, “Why haven’t you told us about these things?”


“Something clicked,” Eric writes. “I realized how far I was getting from God, playing video games while my friends read my Bible lessons without me.” The following Monday, Eric submitted his resignation to the bank. “God has a new job for me,” he cheerfully told his co-workers.


God Will Provide

But first, God exercised Eric’s faith for six months. Though his odd jobs never covered all his bills, God always made up the difference—and filled his cupboards.


When Eric returned home one evening, a new rice cooker sat on his counter, full of freshly cooked rice. The cabinets had been filled—and a note hung on the refrigerator door. “Look at the birds of the air,” it read. “They do not sow or reap, … yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26).


God was leading Eric on a journey of miracles—a journey in which you played a vital role!


And you can now provide spiritual food quickly to many more hungering for truth. When five thousand came to hear Jesus preach, most forgot to bring a meal. When the disciples asked Christ what to do, He said, “You give them something to eat” (Luke 9:13). He is asking you and me to do the same!


Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Looking back on 2023, I realize just how much you have brought heavenly food to hungering hearts. Your tremendous, caring gifts have supplied urgently needed answers to hungry souls.


As we come another year closer to Jesus’ return, I believe this is the time to mightily invest in the grand work of evangelism. The salvation of our friends, neighbors, and family is too important to wait. Don’t wait another moment to say, “Lord, use my gift to send truth like beams of light around the world!”


Will you be a part of the evangelism work of Amazing Facts in 2024 with your compassionate gift today? Your loving gift of $25 will provide more than 2,500 people with Bible truth through social media evangelism. A kind gift of $100 will make evangelistic TV programs available to over 1,600 searching hearts through television ministry. And an exceptional gift of $500 will help prepare for another worldwide evangelistic series next year.


Whatever size gift you give, God will bless and multiply the eternal difference it makes!


Eric’s faith has grown! Today, he operates a mobile service center for the homeless, providing help to 2,500 people each year. That’s what happens when you and I work with Jesus to transform lives. Will you now provide more urgently needed spiritual help to millions longing for a home in heaven?


Preaching the gospel without delay,


Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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