Country Living with Doug Batchelor

Did you know that in the beginning, humanity’s first home was a garden?

It’s true! God originally intended people to be in nature and to enjoy the incredible creative works of His hands. Working in the out of doors can reduce your stress and help you take in the life-giving properties of sunshine, fresh air, and exercise. It can even give you peace and draw you closer to the Creator in a way a city never could.

Country Living is a brand-new video presentation by Pastor Doug Batchelor that not only highlights the benefits of living in the country, but shows from his own experience how to live away from the cities in a winsome yet practical way.

Pastor Doug says, “While we must not forget to reach the people in the cities, we shouldn’t forget the blessings of living and working in nature, so in response to countless requests over the years, we produced this video for our friends who are interested in getting back to nature, and to experience God’s Edenic ideal for us.”

During the presentation, you’ll enjoy Pastor Doug telling stories of the some of the challenges he faced with wildlife and weather. Watch stunningly beautiful footage of the mountains, forest, and streams. See how he uses a Pelton wheel as a water turbine for creating electrical power. Take a peek at his power room for storing electricity and see how he draws in fresh air to his woodstove.

Filmed on location from in and around his country home, Pastor Doug walks you through his property’s natural beauty and shares his personal journey of building a home in the country, all while drawing spiritual parallels that will inspire you to live off the grid in God’s breathtaking creation.


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