AFTV Now Streaming HD on Roku

Amazing Facts Television (AFTV) is now streaming full HD content through our channel on Roku.

AFTV features Bible-based programming 24/7 on from Amazing Facts, including all your favorite programs—from Amazing Facts Presents to Sabbath School Study Hour and Amazing Facts of Faith. We also feature programs from other powerhouse ministries that deliver accurate, biblical, and inspirational information to grow your faith in the Lord.

To watch AFTV in HD on ROKU, you’ll need to get one of their HD streaming devices. Visit Roku's website to learn more. Find us on your Roku device by searching for “AFTV” or “Amazing Facts Television.” Once you buy the box, all the AFTV programming is free!

For current schedule and program information, click here.

More Ways to Watch AFTV
Online: Watch AFTV at, featuring live and on-demand programming.

Television: Watch AFTV on the G19 satellite, which features dozens of other Christian channels, by visiting to purchase an inexpensive satellite package capable of receiving AFTV or to get technical support. You can also call 866-406-7810.

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