The New Amazing Facts Study Guides

The new Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides are now available!

One of the most impactful, trusted Amazing Facts resources is our set of 27 Study Guides. Tens of thousands have already been blessed by these powerful evangelistic lessons—but in order to reach new generations with Bible truth, we have updated every graphic and page with fresh, appealing images that better speak to today’s audiences. When possible, the language is also clearer and crisper, and illustrations and examples are now current. But don’t worry—the lesson numbers and topics haven’t changed!

Our goal was to breathe new life into a beloved witnessing resource. Each Study Guide has been carefully reviewed by a team of pastors, evangelists, and editors to provide the clearest presentation of Bible truth. So you can still count on sharing the unchanging truths of God’s Word in a way that will draw seekers into a thorough study of vital last-day teachings.

Pastor Doug shares, “Our challenge in modernizing these Study Guides was how to update something that has been so successful—without losing what makes it successful. I think we have beautifully achieved that goal by making the lessons fresh but retaining their robust, direct nature.” We also praise God that Amazing Facts was able to use these new Study Guides for Pastor Doug’s Prophecy Encounter seminar in February. They have been well received by churches and Bible workers around the country.

Get your set of all 27 Study Guides today! Click here!

Study Guide Beginnings

It all began in 1967, when Amazing Facts co-founder Bill May developed a unique set of Bible lessons called “Information Folders.” These 10 studies, first advertised at the end of Joe Crews’ radio broadcasts, featured essential Bible doctrines unknown to most Christians. Amazingly, May wrote the guides entirely while on his knees in prayer.

Through the years, these classic lessons have been updated and expanded without changing the essential Bible truths that must be lifted up before the world. Thousands of seekers around the globe have been led to Christ through them, and churches around the world continue to run their own Bible schools with these lifesaving lessons.

Pastor Jëan Ross, vice president of evangelism, says, “The power of these lessons is in taking timeless truth and presenting it in a practical way. These new lessons will continue to impact people’s lives in powerful ways. The seeds of truth in Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, watered by the Holy Spirit, will spring up sturdy, fruit-bearing Christians.”

So if you are a pastor, evangelist, Bible worker, personal ministries leader, or outreach coordinator, now is the time to take a fresh look at our Study Guides and stock up so you can prepare more people for baptism and the soon coming of Jesus!


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