AF Study Guides Now in Malayalam

We are excited to announce that the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides are now available online, for the first time, in one of India’s officially recognized languages—Malayalam. Nearly 33 million people speak Malayalam on the Indian sub-continent.

In addition, many Malayalees have immigrated to countries in the Middle East for better work opportunities. The Eastern United States and England have also seen a significant growth of Malayalam-speaking immigrants. This wonderful group of people are often influential in their adopted communities and take pride in introducing others to their rich cultural heritage. Many Malayalees come from a Hindu or Muslim background, although it is believed that the first Christian church in India was established among them by Jesus’ disciple, Thomas.

The Malayalam translation of the Bible Study Guides will provide another opportunity to share God’s truth with an important segment of our society in their native language. We are happy to make these free resources available to you as you reach out to your new friends and neighbors. Thank you for your support and prayers, which makes this outreach possible!

Take a moment to check them out by clicking here.

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