Creeping Compromise Audiobook Now Online

Joe Crews’ classic book Creeping Compromise is now available for free in the Amazing Facts media library as an audiobook read by the author himself!

This clarion call tackles today’s most controversial issues and will inspire you to higher moral living. “I read Creeping Compromise shortly after it was first released, and it was like a trumpet of conviction in my soul,” says Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts. “Even though it has been decades since it was first published, the principles it contains are timeless.”

With his unique, straightforward style, Pastor Crews addresses some of the most sensitive issues affecting the intersection of biblical values and worldly values—with chapters on modesty, music, diet, and much more. Creeping Compromise illustrates how the devil is always working to undermine the holy Christian life through a gradual—almost imperceptible—compromise with the world’s values.

Pastor Doug adds, “A Christian is to be something like a shining ship of salvation in a dark world of sin. All the water in the world cannot sink a boat—until it gets inside. But even a small leak can sink a great ship. In Creeping Compromise, Joe Crews has vividly demonstrated with Scripture how Satan is ever seeking to dilute the potency of the gospel through compromise with a culture that has grown so corrupt, it would have made the inhabitants of Sodom blush.”

Joe Crews was the first speaker of Amazing Facts, which began in 1965 with an idea to attract listeners from all walks of life by opening each radio program with an amazing fact from science and history and then follow it with a related biblical message. He was well known and loved for his ability to connect with audiences and his bold preaching of Bible truth.

Listen now!

Should we be worried about promoting biblical standards in today’s church?
Adapted from Joe Crews’ introduction to Creeping Compromise

The subject of Christian standards is one of the most neglected doctrines in the church. Very little today provides even basic instruction in this vital area. Only a few books or tracts attempt to address the practical principles that should distinguish the Christian life from that of a life influenced by the world.

The reason for this reluctance probably rests on two fears: First, the fear of offending the large majority of church members who are living outside biblical standards. Second, the fear of being labeled as judgmental, legalistic, holier-than-thou, and lacking in the personal, love-relationship with Christ.

These fears have often been justified. There has been too much written in the spirit of Pharisaism. Satan has exploited the vocal, fanatical views of a few and has used them to intimidate those who would write temperately on the subject. And too often, in his special hatred of this truth, Satan has caused many in the church to look upon any discussion of Christian standards as extremist. For this reason, if for no other, a tremendous need exists for educating the church on balanced biblical principles of conduct—principles that conflict in no way with the concept of righteousness by faith, which should underlie the lifestyle of every true Christian.

Our actions are not the means of gaining salvation, of course. We are saved by grace through faith and not by merit of works, obedience, or outward conduct on our part. That’s why any perceived overemphasis on these external things could be easily misinterpreted as a denial of justification by faith.

When preached in its true setting, the greatest need of the church today is to know more about the experiential relationship of justification and sanctification. But in presenting those deep spiritual truths of salvation, nothing should be said to downgrade the importance of obedience. This is so important and necessary! To misunderstand either grace or works is to stultify the experience and thwart the personal witness.

Some may object that a book like this is not needed because the outward conduct is a natural, spontaneous outgrowth of conversion to Christ. Therefore, the life will automatically produce the fruit of tree obedience and righteousness. But is this true? It is true that the actions spring from the internal attitude of conversion, but instruction is needed for the most committed Christian.

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