Poland's Sunday Law: A Harbinger?

On January 30, Poland's president, Andrzej Duda, signed into law a bill limiting—and eventually eliminating—Sunday shopping. Stores in Poland will now have to close two Sundays a month. In 2019, the number will rise to three Sundays each month, with the total elimination of Sunday shopping in 2020.

A limited number of businesses will be allowed to remain open, a Polish news outlet reported: "fuel stations, airports, bakeries, pharmacies, and flower shops."

Poland's chief executive said the move puts the nation in line with most of the European Union, including Germany and Austria, where Sunday shopping is severely limited or outlawed completely. President Duda said he wanted to help workers spend more time at home. "Where there are hired trade employees, Sunday should be a day off to allow them time with their families," Duda said, according to media reports.

While enforcing a common day off for workers might seem like a noble idea, critics argue the action limits the ability of some people to earn a living and deprives consumers of a shopping day. Moreover, those who do not observe Sunday as a day of worship, but rather view it as a regular workday, would be disadvantaged. Among those who stand to lose under the new measure are Muslims, whose day of worship is Friday; Jews, who observe a Saturday Sabbath; and Seventh-day Adventists, who also worship on Saturdays, which they call the "Bible Sabbath."

The Polish action follows years of lobbying by the European Sunday Alliance (ESA)  to enforce mandatory day-off rules on the first day of the week in European nations.

News that a European government, Poland, is attempting to regulate commerce even if this disadvantages a number of its citizens might seem like a local affair. But Bible prophecy explicitly states that the antichrist power will "seek to change the times and the laws" regarding worship (Daniel 7:25) and that those who do not worship this power will not be able to buy or sell (Revelation 13:17).

Careful students of prophecy will see that there's more at stake than just a national day off for beleaguered workers. Ultimately, accepting or rejecting Sunday will be a matter of life and death! The online Study Guide "The Mark of the Beast" documents the history of Sunday worship and explains the soon-coming conflict this change will bring. Click here to read it now.

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