Christians and the Sabbath: An Evening with Doug Batchelor and Steve Gregg

Is the Sabbath binding in the New Covenant? That's the question that will be discussed in-depth when Pastor Doug Batchelor and Steve Gregg, host of the Narrow Path radio program, meet for a friendly and intriguing debate about one of the most controversial issues in the Christian faith.

On March 30 at the Granite Bay Church in Rocklin, California, Pastor Doug will present biblical evidence that the Ten Commandments—including the fourth—are still vital in the life of every Christian, while Steve Gregg will present the case that the Sabbath is no longer binding for God's people today.

The event is set for Friday, March 30, at 7:00pm PT. If you are local, we hope you will join us and invite a guest—and be sure to bring your questions for a Q&A session with both speakers. The venue address is 3785 Placer Corporate Drive, Suite 600, Rocklin, California. You can also join us live at or on Facebook for Amazing Facts or Pastor Doug.

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Whatever your viewpoint, we're certain that you'll learn something new. We hope you'll join us so you can decide for yourself after hearing the evidence from both sides. Don't miss this exciting, eye-opening Bible study.

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