New Amazing Facts App Puts Bible Truth in Your Pocket

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted August 28, 2018

Amazing Facts’ free mobile app—available forApple’s iPhone and iPad, as well as for phones and tablets running Android—has been redesigned to put the ministry’s most essential resources in your pocket.

Close to 9,300 users have already downloaded the app, and an estimated 500 new users are downloading it each day. The new app runs on the popular Subsplash digital platform.

“We know that not everyone can visit our ministry’s headquarters, but now the best of what Amazing Facts has to offer can come directly to anyone, anywhere, and free of charge,” says Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts. “We’re grateful for this opportunity to bring our resources to mobile devices for everyone to access.”

Both AFTV, the ministry’s 24-hour television service, and Amazing Facts Internet Radio are available on the app, which also features the ministry’s weekly broadcasts, Sabbath School Study Hour, Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, Bible Answers Live, and The Everlasting Gospel.

Also available are all the video and audio archives found on the ministry’s website, including Bible seminars, sermons, and messages from the ministry’s founder, the late Pastor Joe Crews.

Future plans call for making the weekly worship service from Pastor Doug’s church in Granite Bay available live on the app. (Right now, the services are streamed to Facebook and YouTube.)

Rounding out the available ministry materials on the app, users can access daily devotional messages, a free book library, Study Guides, ministry news, and the AF Blog, which looks at world news through the lens of Scripture and prophecy.

Along with keeping the ministry’s digital platforms current and accessible, Eric Kippel, director of information technology, says that a shift in how people access the Internet motivated the update. “Probably 50 percent of the traffic to our websites is from mobile devices,” Eric says. “An app makes our content that much easier for them to get to.”

The increase in mobile traffic seen by Amazing Facts mirrors what’s going on across the world. Research firm notes that 3.8 billion people in the world are “unique mobile Internet users,” meaning handheld devices are the way they access information online.

The firm also says global mobile data traffic will nearly triple over the next three years. Eric adds, “There’s a lot of future growth in the app market, and that’s how a lot of people prefer to get their content these days. We want to put vital Bible information where they’re looking.”

Because “God’s message is our mission,” Amazing Facts continues to reach for the newest frontiers in delivering the three angels’ messages to a spiritually starving world. The new mobile app places the ministry’s best resources into your hands, ready to inform your life and help you share the good news with others.

You can find the Android app on the Google Play store here, while those with Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices can visit Apple's App store here.


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