History to Air “Kingdoms in Time”

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted May 21, 2019

One of America’s top cable and satellite networks, History, will be broadcasting Kingdoms in Time: History’s Greatest Bible Prophecies—the Amazing Facts-produced documentary about Bible prophecy. (History was formerly known as the History Channel.)

The program will air Wednesday, June 5, at 6:00am Eastern and Pacific times, as well as on Tuesday, June 11, also at 6:00am Eastern and Pacific.

“History is one of the premiere television outlets in North America,” says Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International and host of the documentary. “We’re grateful to have the opportunity to share this message with such a massive audience.”

In September 2018, the Nielsen television ratings service reported that History was available in 89,270,000 American homes, close to 75 percent of all U.S. homes with a television. Because of this large reach—on par with lifestyle channels such as HGTV and Food Network—a program broadcast on History is likely to reach viewers who might not otherwise see a program about Bible prophecy.

Pastor Doug adds, “My prayer is that showing Kingdoms in Time on History will introduce countless viewers to the good news that there is a God, that He has a plan for this planet, and that they can be a part of the exciting future soon to unfold.”

A sixty-minute feature, Kingdoms in Time takes viewers on a journey spanning thousands of years, providing a high-definition focus on fulfilled prophecies detailed in the pages of Scripture. Viewers journey through ancient Israel and hear from expert theologians, historians, and archaeologists who demonstrate that these prophecies were written in advance, how they were fulfilled, and what this confirmation means for those Bible prophecies yet to unfold.

Pastor Doug also acknowledged the crucial role supporters of Amazing Facts International play in the creation and broadcasting of programs such as Kingdoms. “Without the financial support of those committed to this ministry’s mission, Kingdoms in Time would never have been produced,” he said. “Everyone at the ministry is grateful for the gifts and prayers of our friends and partners. Now, please pray that History viewers will be captivated by this program and that they’ll respond to the message.”

Kingdoms in Time is also available for purchase.


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