The Amazing Facts Bookstore Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

If your local Christian bookstore is no more—or if you’re seeking reliable resources for Bible study and healthy living—the answer is just a mouse-click away at!

We have recently revamped our online store to put the very best Christian materials from Amazing Facts and likeminded publishers—all to help you, your family, and your friends and neighbors live a more God-centered and knowledgeable life.

“Even in a digital age, books, study Bibles, and guides to healthy living are vitally important to sharing the message of Jesus,” said Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International. “And I truly believe that our new Internet bookstore is the best and most convenient way to find teaching materials and other resources that will change lives and transform hearts for eternity. And even better, it’s open when regular stores are not!”

The new bookstore is easy to navigate, with a slider of images highlighting new releases from the ministry at the top of the store’s homepage. There’s also easy-to-find on-sale items, gift items, and featured products, such as DVD series on The Shepherd King and Lessons from Job. You can even find helpful customer reviews and leave your own.

The majority of the store’s products come with a money-back guarantee, and international shipping is available for many items. (See the website for more details.)

The update of the Amazing Facts online bookstore couldn’t have come at a more important time. Across America, retail chains specializing in Christian books have been closing locations at an alarming rate. Over the past three years, LifeWay, Family Christian, and Cokesbury bookstores have all closed or announced pending closures. And while each of these chains stocked many useful titles, none carried the specialized books and study Bibles offered by Amazing Facts.

“We are happy to offer as a resource for our friends and the public seeking God’s end-time remnant truth,” Pastor Doug also said. “Please help spread the word about this helpful website!”


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