New Chinese-language Amazing Facts Website Debuts!

A brand-new website featuring Amazing Facts’ huge range of teaching videos, articles, and other resources in the Chinese language is now available to seekers, Bible workers, pastors, churches, and more all around the world.

According to Steven Hu*, Asia regional director for the ministry, the website is a one-stop source for ministry materials for Chinese-speaking users. The materials are now available online “in a more user-friendly format,” Hu says. “We especially want to let our friends in America know about this, because there are so many Chinese-language speakers in America,” he explains.

But it's also a tool for Chinese speakers around the world. Hu adds that “our materials were being promoted in China, but due to recent Internet policies and website restrictions, those materials can no longer be seen within China from that particular website. So we thought we should make these materials more readily available so Chinese people living abroad can access them too.”

The website’s design has been optimized for mobile device viewing and to provide rapid access to videos and other downloadable files. “When you open the page, you’ll see a rotating banner,” Hu explains. “That banner space features the most current video we’ve created, the most current article we’ve translated, [and] a third panel listing a particular series we want to focus people’s attention on. Right now, it’s Pastor Doug’s 13-part Shepherd King Bible lesson about the life of David.”

Current estimates list the percentage of Christians in China from 2 to 5 percent of the population. So there still are many people in China who don’t know Jesus as their Savior. Hu says, “It’s our desire to be part of the Loud Cry to these unreached people.” (For security reasons, Hu is unable to detail the elements of how that work is being done, but we praise God that it is progressing rapidly.)

The Amazing Facts videos, dubbed into Chinese, are quite popular with site visitors, Hu reports. “Many people download the videos to watch later and to share with friends, both believers and unbelievers.” Along with the videos, many booklets and articles are available online in either Microsoft Word or PDF file formats for users to download and share with others.

The website also features a “contact page” where visitors can ask questions related to the Bible, family, work, relationships, and other concerns, and receive quick answers from volunteers.

We hope that you will stop by for a visit and share the news with everyone you know! And as always, thank you for making this ministry possible with your gifts and prayers.

*Steven Hu is a pseudonym.


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