Watch Pastor Doug’s Viral Video Analyzing Pope’s Latest Message

After Pope Francis, leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, called for a May 2020 summit on education and the environment, culminating in a “Global Compact on Education” to be signed by world leaders, Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International, released an eye-opening video message calling on Christians to pay close attention.

In its first days of release, the video has received an incredible response! It has been viewed more than 305,000 times in its first six days on YouTube. Comments from viewers include: “Difficult days are ahead, brothers and sisters. Pray you are found worthy to escape all that is coming,” and, “The purpose of the gospel is to save you from sin, not from the environment.”

Another viewer wrote, “I’m not Catholic or Adventist, but [I] agree with Pastor Doug Batchelor about this advent of the pope. It sounds like Bible prophecy coming together… right before our eyes. God help us to stay awake. I have always appreciated the sound Bible preaching of Pastor Batchelor. Thanks for warning us and keeping us informed, Pastor Doug.”

“Revelation 13 Goosebumps”

Pastor Doug’s video offers a detailed analysis of the pope’s call for world notables to come to Rome next year and agree to an educational program that will lead future generations to promote environmental action.

According to Pastor Doug, such a call may have deeper prophetic significance. “Whenever the pope calls for the religious and political leaders of the world to come to Rome and meet with him, I get Revelation 13 goosebumps.”

Why Does the Pope Want a Global Alliance?

Noting the pope’s call to build an “alliance between the earth’s inhabitants and our ‘common home,’” Pastor Doug now asks for careful consideration by the world’s Protestants. “This all sounds so good,” he explains. “The Bible does, after all, say that God will destroy those who destroy the earth. He does want us to care for the garden He planted. … But I think you need to read between the lines, knowing what’s going on in Bible prophecy. This is a very profound and stunning new advancement in the ongoing agenda of the pope to bring together the religious leaders of the world and the political leaders of the world.”

This call coincides with the pope’s February 2019 joint declaration on “peace, freedom, and women’s rights” with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad el-Tayeb, signed in the United Arab Emirates. Pastor Doug believes this may be an example of the prophesied “King of the North,” the pope, representing Catholic and non-Catholic believers, and the “King of the South,” Islam, with its 1.7 billion followers represented by the Grand Imam—uniting to promote their agendas.

Moreover, the pope appealed directly to world citizens to urge their leaders to support the 2020 Vatican-led meeting, saying he was “going to the grassroots” to find allies.

Today, Pastor Doug is urging Amazing Facts friends to share the video with others, so that they may also understand the prophetic significance of these latest events. He also encourages seekers of truth to view Revelation: The Bride, the Beast, and Babylon, an eye-opening video explaining the visions of Revelation 12 and 17.

Amazing Facts thanks our ministry friends for making such resources possible!


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