Eight New Amazing Facts Sharing Tracts Just Released!

Are you looking for new ways to share your faith? Is your church seeking to energize its community evangelism?

Then you will love these eight new, exciting, and life-changing tracts now available from Amazing Facts International! 

Called Amazing Facts Tracts, these richly designed and informative sharing resources also offer readers additional resources they can easily access—including the online Amazing Facts Bible School and more to nurture them on their spiritual journey.

Check them out at afbookstore.com!

Amazing Facts Tracts are our newest outreach products and are perfect for individual and church outreach efforts,” says Brandon Tygret, the ministry’s publishing director. “Our free download offer on the back of every tract will enable us to share with churches the contact information of interested seekers in your community. We also offer them free Bible study enrollment when they request the free download.” 

For decades, the use of tracts—small pamphlets containing a Bible message—have been used by believers in North America and around the world to share the gospel message with neighbors and strangers. Handed out on the street or at public gatherings, left on a car’s windshield, or enclosed with a bill payment or letter, a tract can be a powerful witness, especially when a more personal witnessing opportunity isn’t possible.

Brandon adds, “We’ve carefully chosen the topics of our new tracts to speak the felt needs of millions of people.” The tracts are titled:

Amazing Annual Bible-Reading Plan

Seven Facts About Your Afterlife!

8 Amazing Steps to Optimize Your Health

When the Past Tells the Future!

Your Future Foretold

HELL, Eternal Life or Eternal Destruction?

The Best Day of Your Life!

The Day of the Lord

Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts and a veteran soul-winner, says the new tracts will offer many witnessing opportunities for believers to share the everlasting gospel. “These new tracts are larger than many others, with easy-to-read type, and will speak to many hearts and minds. There’s a world of hurting people who need some good news in their lives, and the messages contained in these tracts, which point people to Jesus, is the greatest news of all.”

The eight tracts are sold in packages of 100, each priced at $9.95. More titles in the series—including a special message for children—will be released soon.

Information on the tracts is available online at afbookstore.com or by calling 800-538-7275.


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