Amazing Facts Workers Flee Coronavirus in China

Steve Hu* and other Amazing Facts workers in mainland China were miraculously able to leave the nation following the outbreak of Coronavirus, which has brought the country to a virtual standstill.

First reported in China’s Hubei Province city of Wuhan last month, the Coronavirus, a respiratory infection, has sickened more than 20,000 people and claimed at least 425 lives according to news reports (as of February 3, 2020). Many foreigners working in China have sought to return to their home countries, straining travel resources of both China and their home nations. Citizens and permanent residents can typically re-enter their home countries, although many are subject to quarantine.

Steve began considering options on January 27. He said, “Even though we’re hundreds of miles from Wuhan, we were told that 7,000 Wuhan residents came to our city. We began praying that God would show us if—and when—we should leave China.”

He added, “There were several factors in that decision. For one, we didn’t know when we could get out of China. As you might imagine, many were anxious to leave, putting a high demand on every available seat. Also, it was quite possible that the World Health Organization (WHO) would declare a health emergency, limiting or even canceling travel to and from China.”

Steve recalled, “Then there was our usual airline carrier, which said on January 29 that they could only get us out on a February 4 flight. It wasn’t great, but we accepted their decision, booked our passages, and waited.

“Later that day, however, we tried the airlines again. It took a bit of effort—and, we believe, the intervention of God—but we were able to get seats sooner, and without paying extra fees or additional airfare,” he said. “This was good news for my team and the ministry. Later that day, the WHO did declare a health emergency, so we were able to arrange things in the nick of time.”

Getting on the flight also posed its challenges, starting with their train trip to the airport. “At the train station, we were screened for our temperature. On the train ride to the capital, our temperature was taken again. At the airport, we were screened twice more. When we checked the news and saw that many airlines were indeed canceling flights to and from China, we were thankful to be on that plane.”

Steve witnessed many would-be travelers being asked to leave their plane when temperature scans caused concern. Tempers often flared. Steve says, “After a long flight, in which we wore face masks the entire way except during our meals, we arrived home. We felt relieved and grateful for God watching over us.”

Steve now asks for prayers for those Amazing Facts workers and friends still on the ground in China, and for the nation as a whole while they deal with this fast-moving illness.

*In order to preserve the gospel work in China, names and details of our workers have been changed to protect their identity.


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