Amazing Facts Proclaims the Everlasting Gospel in Australia

After speaking live to packed houses in two of Australia’s largest cities, Pastor Doug Batchelor was thrilled that God’s last-day message has led to dozens of decisions for baptism and hundreds of follow-up Bible studies.

“It was a real delight to speak again in the ‘Land Down Under’ and bring the everlasting gospel to such an eager audience,” said Pastor Doug, who was accompanied by his wife Karen. “How wonderful that hundreds are now preparing for their next step in an eternal journey with Jesus, and I’m so very grateful for the opportunity—all made possible by supporters of Amazing Facts.”

Pastor Doug, with the incredible assistance of the all-volunteer Amazing Facts Oceania team, first spoke February 7 to 11 in Adelaide, the nation’s fifth-largest city. His theme, “Preparing for Christ’s Return,” covered the signs of Jesus’ return, the 144,000 in Revelation, and how Christians can prepare their hearts and communities for Jesus’ coming.

The enthusiasm for God’s Word was so great that an extra nightly session was added to accommodate eager audiences while the livestream reached thousands daily—and one video, over 25,000. Moreover, Australian Christian radio network Faith FM also aired the messages, which were simultaneously translated into Polish, Romanian, Samoan, and Swahili. 

Known as a largely secular society, Australia has seen a steady decrease in its faith base, and especially in Christianity. “There’s been a significant drop in the numbers of Christians and in numbers of people attending services,” said Sam Godfrey, director of Amazing Facts Oceania.

But the country still has many people desperate for the truth. Sam added that more than 8,000 Australians Google for religious information each month, wondering whether Jesus is even real. People are searching, and their overwhelming response to Amazing Facts was positive proof.

“Pastor Batchelor is one of the best at reaching people,” Pastor David Butcher, president of the South Australian Conference, told Maryellen Fairfax, assistant editor, at the Adventist Record. “Our goal with these programs was to see changed lives.” That goal was certainly realized. “Our pastoral team [in Adelaide] are now following up the 33 people who made a decision for baptism or re-baptism,” continued Butcher. “Over 100 people registered for the follow-up seminars, which are now being conducted across 11 churches and venues in Adelaide.”

Pastor Doug and company next travelled to Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, where a 1,600-seat hall was filled to the brim each evening. Vocalist Paul Lee, who sang at Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in 2018, also gave a special concert.

People, young and old, flocked to hear of the priceless gift that Jesus Christ offers to every one of us and how that gift holds not only a promise for our future but is meant to transform our lives now, in these last days. At its conclusion, some 350 people signed up for Bible studies and eight requested baptism, contributing to a record high for the Victorian Conference.

“There was a real buzz,” added Pastor Graeme Christian, president of the conference. He has already seen some of its fruits, with many new faces from the series in attendance at Melbourne’s next program, which began the following Tuesday.

Not only in person but through our media broadcasts as well does Amazing Facts continue to make an imprint on Australian soil, with Amazing Facts Presents. Hosted by Pastor Doug, it is currently “Australia’s fastest growing Christian television program.” Said Pastor Doug, “We met dozens of people who’ve said, ‘We came to the Lord by watching the programs here in Australia.’ Thank you for making it all possible.”

Indeed, the message of the everlasting gospel is going around the world. People are meeting Jesus for the first time, dedicating their lives to Him, and being completely changed by His Word. We thank you for sharing our commitment to reaching the world for Jesus Christ in these last days!


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