New Heart Revival Draws 2.5 Million Households

More than 2.5 million households across more than 60 countries tuned in for The New Heart, a powerful, timely revival presented by Amazing Facts International. 

With ten days of faith-building messages and crucial, relevant Bible answers from Pastor Doug Batchelor, president, the online series aired on Facebook, YouTube, and the AFTV online channel, and was even simultaneously translated into Spanish. Facebook users shared the programs more than 20,000 times.

Hosted by Pastor Jëan Ross, vice president for evangelism, the program was filmed at the W.O.R.D. Center with minimal on-site personnel—in keeping with safety measures during the pandemic.

Did you miss it? Watch it now!

“If there was ever a time when we needed deep, heart-searching revival, it’s now,” Pastor Doug noted. “The worldwide pandemic reminds us that we are nearing the return of Christ. Let’s not put off the spiritual preparation we will all need as we face Earth’s final events.”

And people responded to the invitation, with more than 25,000 emails and online messages pouring into the ministry. Vickie wrote, “Thank you, Pastor Doug. This series has really been an eye-opener, and I realize how important it is to read God’s Word every day. I really enjoy listening to you!”

The series also provided a time for families to come together. Viewer Sharyn noted, 

“I just want to share with you that my 91-year-old mother, Miss Jennie, and I watched all ten sermons, which aired here in our town each night at 9:00pm, and my mother would not miss even one. And, lastly, to show you how dedicated she was, she is extremely hard of hearing, so she had me place her chair right in front of the television so she could hear it to the exact volume that allowed her to hear without it being too loud or low. Thank you so much! Your gift made a wonderful impact on my elderly mother, and on me also.”

The daily sermons covered important revival themes, including, “Real Repentance,” “Sincere Confession,” “Receiving and Sharing Forgiveness,” “They Found the Book,” and “Mountain-Moving Faith.” On Sunday evening, Pastor Doug and Pastor Jëan hosted a special Bible Answers Live program on questions related to the topics featured in the series.

Free literature offers were extended during each broadcast. Viewers were encouraged to request the items via text message, ensuring they’d receive text reminders of subsequent programs. 

Amazing Facts International exists to make “God’s Message Our Mission” and spark revival among God’s end-time people. Thanks to the dedication of our ministry team and the generous financial support of our donors, The New Heart series reached millions and is continuing to impact the world, preparing this generation for Christ’s soon return!

If you missed the series or would like to watch the programs again, watch here. And be sure to share it with your friends and family!


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