AFCOE Online Relaunches This Summer with Special Deals

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted May 11, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted advanced Bible training to become a better disciple, a better soul-winner, and a better servant of Jesus—but money, distance, or schedule has stood in your way—your wait will soon be over!

June 1 marks the relaunch of AFCOE Online, featuring Internet-based, interactive courses specially designed by the team at the renowned Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism.

And when you sign up by August 31, you’ll have the opportunity to receive special discounted pricing. 

  • If you’ve already signed up for Amazing Disciples or Amazing Doctrines, you’ll receive the other course for free. (And if you sign up for both, you'll get the same 2-for-1 deal!)

  • And to sweeten the deal, every course purchase comes with a digital version of the Amazing Facts eCangelism resource, which will get you off to a running start when sharing your faith in your community and beyond! (Learn more at

Unfortunately, the onsite AFCOE Comprehensive program has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But AFCOE’s flexible online course will be available anytime and anyplace and formatted for both desktop and mobile devices. Each AFCOE class is easily accessible and in-depth, delivering world-class Bible training at an amazing price.

Each course features video instruction by Pastor Doug Batchelor, Amazing Facts International president; Pastor Jëan Ross, vice president for evangelism; and Pastor Carlos Muñoz, AFCOE director, along with other gifted and experienced instructors. You’ll even interact with fellow students and have the opportunity to get your questions answered by AFCOE staff. Plus, weekly AFCOE Live sessions with the AFCOE team will occur throughout your course!

Amazing Disciples Online Course

The foundational AFCOE Online course is Amazing Disciples, an intensive, 13-week online class presented by real experts in the field—Amazing Facts evangelists and teachers! This course is excellent for personal devotions and Bible study groups, as well as being the perfect tool for churches to use in training members for outreach. Its purpose is to provide affordable, convenient, and in-depth and empowering Bible and outreach training. See more at

Amazing Doctrines Online Course

Amazing Doctrines is a 13-week course that will ground you in last-day doctrines so you can boldly teach others the vital truths of Scripture. This course delivers focused, trustworthy teachings about Scripture, salvation, the sanctuary, the afterlife, the Second Coming, the Sabbath, stewardship, health, and the Spirit of Prophecy. Each week-long lesson features an inspiring introduction, Scripture to memorize, an in-depth Bible study, reflection and group discussion questions, and more to help you stand firm on foundational scriptural truths and confidently teach others to do the same. See more at

Coming Winter 2020: Amazing Sanctuary Online Course

The Amazing Sanctuary 13-week online course will be an eye-opening deep dive into the earthly and heavenly temples and their meaning for followers of Christ today—while offering an exciting picture of how God’s sanctuary message will play a vital role in these last days!

  • If you’ve already signed up for both Amazing Disciples and Amazing Doctrines, you’ll receive Amazing Sanctuary at an awesome discount!

Don’t Wait!

These courses are a great way to learn more about your faith—and then be able to go out and share that faith. Right now, with so much of the world looking for spiritual answers in the face of multiple crises, studying with AFCOE Online can have a life-changing difference for you … and for all those you will reach with Bible truth!

Go to for more information and to sign up!


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