Amazing Facts and PPP

Dear friends, 

It’s been said that “a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.” Thus, in the interest of rapid rumor control, I wanted to address some uninformed speculation and assumptions that have been circulating via the Internet.  

The propaganda says that Amazing Facts is now being supported by government money. This is not true. Here’s the truth. 

Amazing Facts supports about 100 employees, including missionaries, evangelists, media and IT professionals, Bible School staff, and other office workers—both here and abroad. When it appeared that state governments would be shutting down thousands of companies and organizations around the country, like everyone else, the ministry became concerned for the welfare of our workers. Not long after, the U.S. government announced the paycheck protection program (PPP) to address this issue. The ministry did apply for this potentially forgivable loan, and nothing about the application required Amazing Facts to compromise our beliefs or alter the content of our literature or broadcasts. 

Now—here’s the part of the story you are likely not hearing. 

While our PPP application was accepted, we did have apprehensions about using the approved funds. After all, “the borrower is servant to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7). Thus, we decided to refrain from actually relying on the government program and told the bank we will not be using the loan funds, trusting that God would supply through His people even in these challenging times—and He has. 

I should add, we are not condemning those who are using this stimulus money.  It is perfectly legal.

In the interest of full disclosure, Amazing Facts also applied for bank loans for our recent W.O.R.D. Center building program. The construction companies required this step. With good credit, the ministry was approved to borrow up to $15 million. But again, we prayed that God would provide the funds for construction without us needing to utilize the loan. And, praise God, construction is almost complete and, by His grace and goodness, we have not used any of the bank loan money thus far.

For the past 55 years, Amazing Facts has survived by faith from week to week without being subsidized by any denomination, corporation, or government organization. We praise God for His goodness and trust that He will continue to sustain us through the faithfulness of His people.

Jesus is coming soon! Let’s focus on sharing the three angels’ messages and not get distracted by cruel rumors intended to hurt the last-day work. If you encounter someone perpetuating distortions about Amazing Facts’ finances, please pass this information on to them with a Christ-like spirit.

Pastor Doug

PS – Here is a recent picture of the WORD Center.  Built thus far by faith without using any bank money! Will be complete this fall.

W.O.R.D. Center

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