Revelation Now!—A Prophecy Event Coming this Fall

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted August 11, 2020

Beginning in October, Amazing Facts International and Pastor Doug Batchelor will present a timely, life-changing three-week Bible prophecy series called Revelation Now! Broadcasting live from the Granite Bay Hilltop Church October 23 to November 14, the outreach event will air five nights a week.

The series will air live on Amazing Facts TV and the 3ABN network; plus, Amazing Facts will also live-stream the event on Facebook. We’re also encouraging churches that can’t host their local event onsite due to pandemic restrictions to set up Zoom meetings for members and community interests to attend. The series will also feature inspirational music and health presentations. 

Live translation is expected in Spanish, with other languages possible.

Says Pastor Doug, “The world’s crises—the COVID-19 pandemic, economic strife, along with natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes and the terrible destruction in Beirut, Lebanon—are capturing people’s attention in every level of society. We’ve had a dramatic increase in the number of people visiting seeking Bible answers. That’s why we believe Revelation Now! is coming at a vital time. Not only will it help people see prophecy being fulfilled, but it will also help them know what’s coming next—and how they can face a secure future with Jesus at their side.”

Visit for more information.


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