Young People Can Find Real Answers at Updated MIQ Website

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted August 18, 2020

It is the second-highest cause of death. It has doubled within the last decade. Its most common cause is depression. Its name is suicide.

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has reported “that rates of suicide among young people jumped 56% between 2007 and 2016.” Within a similar time-period came a corresponding increase in rates of depression.

Sadly, this falls in line with the lives of our youth today. Teens and young adults are facing compounded challenges never before seen in society—from school, at home, on social media. One has only to view the adolescent maelstrom that is TikTok to realize the harm inflicted upon young minds. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic’s socially restrictive lockdowns have not helped either.

So what is the solution? In a world of increasing fear and uncertainty, young people are looking for answers—and it turns out that many of them are looking to the Bible. “Many teens are recognizing that the Bible speaks to the complete human experience—the struggles and trials and triumphs of life,” claimed Arthur Satterwhite of American Bible Society. The solution has been there all along—in the Word of God.

As far back as 2016, a national survey revealed 53 percent of teens said they wished they read the Bible more, 35 percent “[believed] the Bible [contained] everything a person [needed] to know to live a meaningful life,” and 40 percent desired the Bible to have more influence on American society.

With this reality in mind, Amazing Facts International has recently updated and redesigned, a website dedicated to the most important questions (MIQ) that teens ask today. Among the many topics are the following: “How can I overcome addiction?”, “What about dating, holding hands, and kissing?”, and one of its most popular, “Why didn’t God just destroy Satan and his angels?” Every article is loaded with Bible-based answers for these real-life challenges.

Says Amazing Facts president Pastor Doug Batchelor, “Everything we’re seeing suggests that teens and young adults are looking for solid answers to their most important questions. The MIQ website has been upgraded and freshly designed to offer these answers quickly and accessibly.”

Additionally, the site, especially suited for young people constantly on the move, is readily available and easily navigated from a variety of mobile devices.

Along with a bold, attractive design, also comes with many improvements. Of particular note is its active community dialogue, already filled with hundreds of candid, honest comments from online readers. We are especially encouraged that among the numerous responses, many are promising to pray for one another.

Pastor Doug Preaching at MIQ also contains links to Pastor Doug’s Most Important Questions series, as well as Bible lessons and other resources, further extending its impact. With these, young seekers are able to not only find knowledge, they are able to start putting that knowledge into practice.

Rich with truth and relevance, the site is a haven for any youth wanting to know the God of the Bible, whether out of curiosity or deep-seated personal struggle. is a guide to having Christ’s conduct and character. From those awkward subjects they’re too embarrassed to broach to the profound concepts they’re just beginning to ponder, this website has it all.

Kids are longing to know their purpose in life—just like you. In this sin-sick world, they also tread a rocky path fraught with unknown dangers and deceptions. Even more so, they are susceptible to influence and ideology. exists to give our youth another choice, one that doesn’t follow the crowd, one that doesn’t succumb to pressure. Instead, it plainly points them to the perfect example, the best mentor, and their true Friend—our Savior Jesus Christ.

Amazing Facts is grateful to the content creators, web team, and financial supporters for making a viable, inspirational destination to a generation looking for answers.

So check out the new site, and let us know what you think. And be sure to share this website with the teens and young adults in your life! It may just be the gift that changes their lives for eternity.


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