2021 Reset in the Word—with Pastor Doug!

By Curtis Rittenour
Posted December 21, 2020

Just as we need to reset our clocks after a power outage, there are times in life when we need to reset our lives after our spiritual power runs dry. And after a draining 2020 and a hectic holiday season, there’s no better way to do that than by taking a deep dive into the Living Waters of the Word.

That’s why Amazing Facts International invites you to a special weekend series with Pastor Doug Batchelor—it’s called Reset in the Word and is designed to reset and refresh your heart with God by digging deep in the Scriptures.

Says Pastor Doug, “No other resource has the power to help us prepare for a new year like the Bible. God has given us His Word as the primary way to receive the spiritual energy needed to live a life for Christ. I pray that our special and prayerful study together will uplift and energize God’s people after a draining 2020.”

Reset in the Word begins Friday, January 1, at 7:00pm PT. Then it continues on Sabbath, January 2, at 11:00am and 7:00pm PT.

This special event is geared specially for youth and young adults, but everyone is invited to join in by watching on 3ABN, Facebook, YouTube, and AFTV.

We hope you’ll join Pastor Doug live for this one-of-a-kind Bible Study event. And be sure to share the news with everyone you know!


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