“Revelation Now!” Draws Tens of Thousands of Online Viewers

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted October 29, 2020

The rapid-fire surprises of 2020—a deadly global pandemic; an economic collapse that has harmed millions; and political and social unrest, violence, and rioting—have led tens of thousands to ask serious questions about their future and Bible prophecy. Now they’re finding real, reliable answers during Revelation Now!, a 22-part series of life-changing messages presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International.

Opening night viewership on October 23 exceeded 100,000 viewers globally, including both television and Internet audiences. More than 43,000 individuals registered online saying they would watch the three-week series, and 1,100 church sites and small groups also signed up to participate. (Registration is free and offers access to exclusive materials. Visit www.revelationnow.com to learn more.)

Says Pastor Doug, “I’m grateful to God that so many people are able to tune in via Amazing Facts TV, 3ABN, and our pages on YouTube and Facebook. We’re getting so many reports of hearts being reached and lives changed, and we’re only five days in!”

Revelation Now! presents the fascinating facts of the Bible’s most well-known but misunderstood prophetic book in the context of today’s world events. The presentations discuss what is happening in our culture and how these events relate to the revelation given by Jesus Christ to the apostle John nearly two thousand years ago. Yet while the message is as old as the Bible itself, it is as up-to-date as the latest news headlines.

Pastor Jëan Ross, the ministry’s vice president for evangelism, serves as host for Revelation Now! and helps to answer Bible questions sent in by viewers with Pastor Doug after the main message concludes.

Broadcasts are aired in English, with simultaneous Spanish-language translation. Translators are also sharing sessions in Italian, Russian, Serbian, and Thai, among other languages. And according to Nohelani Jarnes, Pacific Northwest Deaf Ministries Coordinator, many are watching these programs with sign-language interpretation: “On the first night, we had 124 [deaf] viewers,” she said in an email to the office. “Since that night, the archived video has received 511 views. Last night’s meeting was 25 average viewers. These numbers are all amazing! I am so excited to see the message being shared!”

That excitement extends to viewers around the world, many of whom offer comments via the Internet. Makesha in Jamaica wrote, “These programs are life-changing.” Myrna wrote in to say, “God bless Amazing Facts. …  Such a very faith-enriching message. Watching from Daraga, Albay, Philippines.”

And via Facebook, Amzaar commented, “These past two days have been such a blessing. Finally, I understand this study; it used to bore me to death. I thank God I have grown spiritually, and I am now more attentive to everything He has to say, and indeed yes, this is the time to get right with God. Thank you so much, and God bless you and the team there and Pastor Doug.”

All programs are archived online for replay viewing and are rebroadcast the following day on Amazing Facts TV at 4:00pm Pacific for U.S. viewers on the East Coast. These are also the first programs to be broadcast from the W.O.R.D. Center, Amazing Facts’ new worldwide headquarters.

We believe that God is working powerfully to bring these messages to thousands who need it. The Amazing Facts ministry team is grateful for the support and prayers of our friends and partners worldwide—you are making a difference for eternity!


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