Hal Holbrook, 95, “Seventh Day” Documentary Host, Passes to His Rest

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted February 02, 2021

Hal Holbrook, an Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor whose onstage portrayal of Mark Twain is etched in the nation’s collective memory, passed to his rest January 23, it was announced on February 2 by his assistant. He was 95 years of age and lived in Beverly Hills, California.

Hal Holbrook and the Seventh Day

For 60 years, Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight! one-man show, drawn from the writings of the famous American author, appeared on stages across the USA and around the world, bringing to life a literary figure who’d died in 1910. The New York Times said Holbrook embodied Twain “in all his craggy splendor and vinegary wit.” Holbrook also appeared in All the President’s Men and Into the Wild, the latter earning him an Academy Award nomination.

But Holbrook’s venture into a documentary about the Bible Sabbath was less known. Produced in the early 2000s by Patsy Arrabito and Jim Wood for LLT Productions, The Seventh Day brought together strands of secular and religious history to document the relationship of the Sabbath to Creation, its importance in ancient and modern times, and the compelling evidence that supports the assertion that the biblical day of worship remains the Sabbath.

In a telephone interview, Wood said Holbrook was one of 12 presenters who were sent proposals about the documentary and that Holbrook was the first to respond. Viewers have almost uniformly praised Holbrook’s presentation, which has an air of authority appropriate to the subject.

The Seventh Day is available for free viewing on the Amazing Facts International website www.SabbathTruth.com on mobile and desktop devices.


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