Need Reliable Worship Resources During the Pandemic? Granite Bay Hilltop Church Can Help!

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted February 03, 2021

As congregations and believers continue to grapple with the effects of pandemic-related shutdowns on their spiritual lives, you still have a reliable and powerful alternative to turn to when you need it—the Bible-based Sabbath services at the home church of Amazing Facts International!

The Granite Bay Hilltop Church—located in Granite Bay, California—has been offering its Amazing Facts-sponsored worship and Sabbath School services online every week for many years, serving believers and seekers from all walks of life who may not have a church nearby, are shut in due to health, or are even suffering from oppression.

But with lockdowns still in place across North America and around the world, the Amazing Facts and Hilltop Church worship broadcasts are now serving millions more as a much-needed resource for churches and believers experiencing shutdowns.

Says Pastor Doug, “We always hope that members can regularly attend and support their local church, but we want to make sure that churches and individuals alike know that we’re here for them during these unusual times.” Produced by Amazing Facts’ media team, Hilltop’s online services can help anxious and even lonely believers stay connected to the family of God and be spiritually filled.

Pastor Doug adds, “Since we don’t know what the coming months will hold in terms of restrictions on public gatherings, we hope that knowing the availability of these programs will help people when in-person services aren’t easy to find in their area.”

You can join Amazing Facts and Granite Bay Hilltop by streaming on the church's website, Facebook, YouTube, and AFTV. You can also enjoy worship services in your living room on Roku. We think you’ll love the special music, the fellowship, and the Bible-based preaching!

The Sabbath School Class (Sabbath School Study Hour) airs live at 10:00am Pacific, with the worship service following at 11:00am.


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