SabbathTruth Website Gets Upgrades, New Language Features

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted February 09, 2021, one of the world’s most visited websites dedicated to the Bible Sabbath, has been upgraded and expanded! It’s now more mobile-friendly than ever and features an updated, modern appearance—and has even added new languages.

The website persuasively presents the ongoing holiness of the seventh-day Sabbath and the truth about how Sunday became the popular day of worship in mainstream Christianity.

Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International, says, “Next to a saving relationship with Jesus, knowing about the Sabbath and its meaning is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life, because it centers us in worship and helps believers understand prophetic events.” 

Tragically, the Sabbath and its many joys are some of the least-understood topics among Christians. But Pastor Doug believes that Sabbath Truth can change that. He adds, “We’re delighted to offer insights into what the Bible actually teaches about the Sabbath. These website improvements will make this vital information more accessible to users worldwide.”

Content on includes The Seventh Day, a five-part documentary hosted by Emmy-winning actor Hal Holbrook. The episodes trace the Sabbath’s origins back to Creation week and offer eye-opening insights into how the Sabbath will play a role in the future. 

The Sabbath Blog is also updated regularly, tracking weekly news and more related to the Bible Sabbath, while other resources include Bible lessons, how various denominations approach the Sabbath, and much more.

While the English-language website has been viewable on mobile devices, the redesign of makes it even better—and for users of, the Spanish-language version, it’s now mobile-friendly, along with, the Romanian-language version of the website.

Volunteer translators who want to bring content into other languages are welcome to contact the ministry via the website for additional information.

We thank our devoted supporters for making this evangelism resource available to the world!


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