Amazing Facts International Recognized for Its Media Outreach

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted March 23, 2021

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), an international association of Christian communicators, will present its Milestone Award to Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts International this June, recognizing the ministry’s 55 years of Christian media outreach. Moreover, Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, our weekly television broadcast, is also being honored as Television Program of the Year.

Pastor Doug, president of Amazing Facts for 27 years and a frequent visitor to NRB events, says, “I praise the Lord that our media team is being recognized by its peers for their hard work and dedication in the sharing of the gospel. We give all the glory to God, and I am equally grateful for our ministry friends who support this vital work with their giving and prayers.”

According to the NRB website, the Milestone Award celebrates achievement over decades of broadcasting: “Longevity in any field is becoming a rarity, and exemplary service in Christian broadcasting for 50 years—or more—is a feat worthy of recognition and applause. NRB desires to honor the industry pioneers who brought Christian communications to the place of respect and achievement it enjoys today.”

Pastor Doug also shares, “This is a wonderful and special opportunity for the sharing of the three angels’ messages in the important days ahead. Being recognized by a body of mainstream broadcasters will naturally increase exposure to Amazing Facts, and because we will never compromise with the Word, I believe more seekers will be able to experience God’s message for these end-times.”

The award ceremony will take place during the NRB 2021 Christian Media Convention, which will take place June 21–24 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, near Dallas.

From a weekly regional radio program in Maryland, Amazing Facts has grown into a globe-reaching multimedia ministry, with broadcasts now on television, Sirius XM radio, and the Internet. Amazing Facts TV programs broadcast on cable and satellite networks all around the world, including Daystar, Lifetime Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Word Network, SAFE TV, 3ABN, the HOPE channel, MeTV in Israel, Good News TV in India, and Lifestyle TV in Scandinavia. The ministry reaches more than 2.3 billion households worldwide through television.


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