Join us May 19th for the Amazing Facts Youth Conference!

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted April 14, 2021

The first-ever Amazing Facts Youth Conference will take place May 19–22, 2021, at the W.O.R.D. Center campus in Granite Bay, California. The event’s theme, “Undaunted Courage,” was chosen as a call on young men and women to become people of resilient faith in these days of crises:

“God calls for men of undaunted courage, men and women, full of hope and faith and trust, who rejoice in the thought of the final triumph, refusing to be hindered by obstacles. He who steadfastly adheres to the principles of truth has the assurance that his weakest points of character may become his strongest points” (In Heavenly Places, p. 327).

Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International and one of the speakers at the event, shares, “I’m praying that young adults, wherever they are, can join us for this uplifting time together. I believe that they will be inspired as we help them answer some of life’s biggest questions and empower them to reach others for Jesus.”

 Additional speakers for the conference include Carlos Muñoz, Dean Cullinane, Adam Ramdin, David Shin, and Clifford Goldstein. Along with daily presentations, speakers will also participate in question-and-answer sessions.

Event topics are meant to help young people answer their biggest questions in a way that will help guide them into God’s will: Where do we come from? Where are we going? And how can we get others to join us on the journey?

CREATION/EVOLUTION: What you believe about origins makes a huge difference in your sense of value and purpose in life. Science and Scripture can provide a harmonious foundation for living a life of reason and faith. 

THE AUTHORITY OF GOD/THE BIBLE: Many believe ultimate truth doesn’t exist and that “my truth” is just as good as “your truth.” The Bible says otherwise—and your stand on Scripture will help determine your ultimate destiny.

SHARING FAITH: Witnessing is often approached with fear and hesitancy. When, where, and how do you begin spiritual conversations? There are reliable methods for successfully talking with others about Jesus.

Pastor Doug adds, “I believe these four days will mark a turning point in many lives. The issues we’ll discuss strike at the heart of the Christian faith, something the world is constantly attacking. Here you’ll find reasons to believe—and ways to share your faith in a winsome manner.”

Each AFY session will be streamed on AFTV, Facebook, YouTube, and the website. 


Please let us know if you’ll be attending in person or watching by registering [here]. When you do, we will send you a special gift! (We strongly recommend that you register, especially if you wish to attend in person as the venue has limited seating.)

For more event details and lodging information, visit


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