Panorama of Prophecy’s Panoramic Reach

By Shenalyn Page
Posted November 23, 2021


“The Holy Spirit told me to bring this to you,” the woman said. She held out a bottle of medication, exactly what Christina Blechinger, newly pregnant, was seeking for her nausea.

Christina and her husband Gage, students in the recent Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism class, had met the lady in the aisles of the local pharmacy just moments before and had commented on her “Binge Jesus” mask. The three had had a friendly conversation about their shared faith, then had parted ways.

“When she came back, we knew we needed to invite her to the Panorama of Prophecy meetings,” says Gage. The woman accepted the invitation, attended the series, and will now be studying the Bible in person with them.

It was just one of many ways in which God used Amazing Facts International’s latest prophecy seminar to bring others to His crucial last-day truths.

A Seminar with Worldwide Reach

Panorama of Prophecy: A Bible Study Spectacular, a 25-part series presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts, was held from October 15 to November 13, 2021, at the W.O.R.D. Center in Granite Bay, California. The meetings were held five nights a week and broadcast to a worldwide audience of more than 100,000 via 3ABN and Hope Channel. Thousands of online viewers from 120 countries logged in to watch the live broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube, AFTV, Good News TV, and SUMTV. A live Spanish translation with Pastor Carlos Muñoz further expanded the reach.

“It’s thrilling to see God’s Word going out to so many at once,” says Pastor Doug. “We’ve heard from people all over the world telling us how excited they are to learn the truth. There is power in the Word of God. We preach it, and then stand back and watch God work. And we see conversions.”


Powerful Partnerships to Share Prophetic Truth

Amazing Facts’ partnership with two of the world’s largest religious broadcasting networks made Panorama of Prophecy a truly global experience. Hope Channel is the largest Seventh-day Adventist media network in the world, broadcasting on 69 channels around the globe in more than 80 languages. The meetings were aired live on Hope Channel’s English and Spanish channels.

“Many of our other language channels will be translating the recordings and showing them soon,” explains Vyacheslav Demyan, Hope Channel’s vice president for programming. “We are glad we could work with Amazing Facts on this project. The world needs the hope that comes from Revelation and the biblical end-time message. It is exactly what must be preached at this time so people can understand what is coming and the hope that we have in Jesus.”

Adds Greg Morikone, president of 3ABN, “People are very much attuned to what is going on in the world right now. There’s a lot of chaos and uncertainty out there. We’ve had a fantastic response to the Panorama of Prophecy series. People have a higher interest in prophecy than ever before.” 3ABN has a potential audience of 95 percent of the globe.

Meetings Inspire Personal Evangelism

In Barbados, West Indies, Winston Cumberbatch organized a virtual crusade to share the Panorama of Prophecy meetings. He recorded the live broadcasts and then played them on Zoom and WhatsApp for a group of 25 individuals.

“I am delighted to tell you that after we finished, about 10 of them desired to have a follow-up program two nights a week and enrolled in the Amazing Doctrines free course. A number of them are contemplating going all the way with Jesus,” reports Cumberbatch.

And in the gold mines of South Dakota and Nevada, John Delvalle* shared the series with his fellow miners. A lifelong Christian, Delvalle learned the truths of the three angels’ messages 13 years ago and has been joyfully sharing the good news since then.

“I work in the deepest, darkest part of the world—underground,” he says. “Here, light is precious. The miners and I extract gold from over 4,800 feet below the surface. The search for precious stones in such a dark place has led us miners to search with passion. God is using that dedication to guide the men here towards His truth and light in ways I could only imagine. I have been witnessing to these men and steering them to the priceless truth that I have found. Amazing Facts and Panorama of Prophecy have given me the opportunity to share that message in exciting, immersive ways. God’s message is spreading even down here, in the pits of the earth.”

Amazing Facts is committed to God’s end-time mission, that these prophetic gems of truth may light the way down the path of salvation.

* Name changed.


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