Announcing the First Amazing Facts Summit: Revelation’s Final Warning

By Curtis Rittenour
Posted December 14, 2021


Amazing Facts International will present its first-ever Amazing Facts Summit series, Revelation’s Final Warning, beginning Friday, January 14, 2022. This 14-part weekend event will be hosted at the Granite Bay Hilltop Church located on the campus of Amazing Facts’ W.O.R.D. Center. It will also be broadcast live on AFTV, 3ABN, and Amazing Facts’ YouTube, Facebook, and Roku channels.

 Amazing Facts Summits are intensive Bible study series focused on messages relevant to God’s last-day church. These informative and inspiring studies are designed to help prepare God’s people for Christ’s soon return.

The first Bible study series in this special new format is Revelation’s Final Warning. Each presentation will focus on an aspect of the three angels’ messages, which are found in Revelation 14. (To learn more about the topics, visit The event will feature seven gifted speakers with diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives:

Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts

Jëan Ross, vice president of evangelism

Daniel Hudgens, Amazing Facts evangelist

Carlos Muñoz, AFCOE director

John Lomacang, president of Sharper Focus Ministries

Dwayne Lemon, co-director of PTH Ministries

David Shin, president of Ouachita Hills College

Special music throughout the weekend will also be provided by John Lomacang.

Pastor Doug shares, “Heaven’s most urgent messages for us in these last days are given in seven astonishing verses found in the book of Revelation. These end-time warnings are the final alerts of danger before a cascade of catastrophic events strikes our planet. Please set time aside to pray for these important meetings—and be sure to invite your friends and family to join us as we study these last urgent messages to our dying world.”

Learn more about this and future Amazing Facts Summits at


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