The Witnessing Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Have you ever wondered how to reach a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who may not be ready to openly talk with you about the Bible? What do you do when it’s not an easy or ideal time to share your faith face to face? The Amazing Facts publishing team has a wonderful new opportunity for your consideration!

Amazing Facts is now offering you a smart, effective way to send friends and loved ones colorful sharing magazines filled with life-changing Bible truth—anonymously. When you purchase a one-year subscription, we’ll send one or more souls of your choice an inspiring, truth-filled magazine each month for 12 months!

Our witnessing magazines are carefully designed to catch the eye and reach the heart, and they are the most popular witnessing tools ever created by Amazing Facts. A one-year, anonymous subscription truly is a powerful way to reveal, step by step, Bible truth to a soul who needs Jesus.

The idea is the brainchild of Brandon Tygret, publishing director, who explains, “After I joined the remnant movement, I tried to share what I had learned about the Bible with my dad. For whatever reason, he wasn’t really open to discussing religion with me. But I anonymously signed him up with a one-year subscription to Signs of the Times. Then, when we would talk on the phone, he would tell me about the magazine he was getting, which would help start a conversation about biblical truth. After five years of witnessing to him through the magazine anonymously and me being a living example, he was baptized!”

Friend, don’t wait! If God has put someone on your heart, a person who needs to learn more about the special truths for these last days, sign them up today with our one-year subscription—and you will bless them for eternity! 

An Amazing Facts One-Year Witnessing Subscription only costs $39.95 per name for 1 to 9 subscriptions or $34.95 per name for 10 or more! Call our customer service representative at 800-538-7275 or visit our Bookstore today to learn more. 

Magazines in Your Gift Subscription

1. Amazing Health Facts! (Topic: Health)

2. Hidden Truth: Amazing Bible Facts Revealed! (Topic: Doctrine)

3. Kingdoms in Time (Topic: Bible Prophecies Fulfilled)

4. A Divine Design (Topic: Sanctuary)

5. The Final Events of Bible Prophecy (Topic: End-times)

6. The Day of the Lord (Topic: Second Coming)

7. Daniel & Revelation (Topic: Prophecy)

8. The Afterlife Mystery (Topic: Death)

9. The Rest of Your Life! (Topic: Sabbath)

10. America in Bible Prophecy (Topic: Prophecy)

11. The Bible Truth About Hell (Topic: Hellfire)

12. Earth’s Final Warning (Topic: Three Angels’ Messages)

How to Sign-up Family and Friends

1. Ask the Lord to help you think of people who need to receive His truths.

2. Write down their names and addresses.

3. Call our customer service representative at 800-538-7275 or visit our Bookstore to learn more.

4. The first magazine will ship within 30 days.


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