The Amazing Facts Bible School Celebrates 50 Years!

By Curtis Rittenour
Posted August 03, 2022

Portrait of Bill May, author of the Amazing Facts Study Guides

This month, the Amazing Facts Bible School celebrates 50 years of powerful ministry. 

It all began in 1967 when ministry co-founder Bill May began developing a series of Bible lessons called Information Folders. These ten studies, advertised at the end of Joe Crews’ radio broadcasts, focused on vital doctrines unknown even to most Christians. Five years later, the Bible Correspondence School arrived. Ever since, the ministry has sent millions of these Bible lessons—redesigned, expanded to 27 lessons, and now named Amazing Facts Study Guides—to seekers all around the world.

Says Pastor Doug Batchelor, president, “We are always in grateful awe considering what the Lord has done through our Bible School over the past 50 years. Many think that snail-mail ministry is no longer viable, but our correspondence school is still reaching into homes and prisons everywhere. I’m thrilled that the Bible School remains a powerful soul-winning instrument at Amazing Facts—and I hope and pray it is active and vibrant for years to come!”

The school has been an integral part of our outreach efforts, reaching those who are not open to personal visits or going to live prophecy seminars. The course begins by introducing basic but vital Bible truths, such as obedience and salvation by grace, and then leads students into advanced prophecy teachings. This point-by-point structure makes it easy even for beginners to follow along. The clear, simple presentations are also easy-to-understand and rewarding, while empowering people to witness for Jesus. In addition to the Amazing Facts Study Guides in English and Spanish, we also offer The Amazing Adventure children’s course in English and Spanish.

The Bible School does so much more than mail lessons. The dedicated staff, composed of employees and volunteers, grade each lesson and answer Bible questions that students pose, often sending additional materials to enhance their study. They strive to build positive relationships and encourage seekers individually, relying on prayer and the Holy Spirit to take them to the next step in their spiritual growth. At the end of the course, graduates’ contact information is given, on their request, to local likeminded churches to help foster fellowship and mentoring.

Amazing Facts Study Guides

Seekers can also enroll at our website and complete all 27 lessons on their computers or smart devices. Appealing to the tech-savvy student, this option offers the same content as the mail-based course while enabling thousands more to learn key Bible truths.

Over the past three years, 120,000 students have enrolled in these courses, from prisoners to youth to pastors. Many have written to say that they have learned more from our lessons than they have in their own studies over many years, and thousands have been baptized into God’s remnant people as a result!

All the Amazing Facts Bible School courses are FREE, which means these truth seekers rely on the generosity of our friends to learn truth. If you have never completed the Amazing Facts Study Guides or know someone who would benefit from the truths they contain, visit—and forward this link to a friend!

Join Us in Praising God

On August 20, we’re marking this milestone with a special event at the Hilltop Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church during our 11:00 a.m. worship service. You’re invited to join us as we look back at how God began this soul-winning outreach—and as we prayerfully look forward, asking the Lord to continue to bless our Bible School.

For the past 50 years, the Holy Spirit has been working on hearts and has made the Bible School an ongoing and successful tool in transforming lives and connecting people to Jesus. It is only through your gifts and prayers that the Bible School can introduce people to God’s undying character of love. Will you please donate today so that more souls can know Jesus through the Bible School?  Click here to donate!


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