Revelation Verse by Verse: New Amazing Facts Devotional for 2023

In November, Amazing Facts International released its new devotional for 2023—Revelation Verse by Verse: A Daily Devotional.

Its 365 entries help explain every verse of Revelation, an apocalyptic book about the last days written with mysterious language and symbols that many find hard to grasp. The daily readings carefully explain the messages written by John, a disciple of Jesus, during the first century.

According to the American Bible Society’s annual State of the Bible report, fewer Americans are reading the Bible (less than 40 percent in 2022) than just one year ago (50 percent in 2021). One reason is the difficulty in understanding the Bible, which is especially true of the book of Revelation.

Yet, the State of the Bible report reveals that there is still much interest in the Bible from those who never or rarely read it. One-third of those who don’t read the Bible say they are very or extremely curious about it.

Revelation Verse by Verse provides such people with an easy-to-understand approach to the 22 chapters of this ancient book, which is especially relevant for our times. World events, wars, natural catastrophes, and political unrest are making people more curious about what the Bible says, making it an excellent resource for personal study and sharing.

You can secure a copy of Revelation Verse by Verse at


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